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3 Reasons Why Social Events Should Have Food

Find helpful tips about reasons why social events should have food because most of our social events including various holidays, celebrations, parties, meetings, weddings, and other kinds of festivals are based around eating.

Food is an essential part of being human. People depend on food and do their best to get the best meal. Actually, our mood, physical state, health and even thoughts are associated with what, and how often, we eat. It’s generally agreed that when a person feels hunger, he or she gets more irritable and unhappy. The opposite is also true, in that being full makes a person feel happy and relaxed.

For this reason, most of our social events including various holidays, celebrations, parties, meetings, weddings, and other kinds of festivals are based around eating. Just don’t go along thinking that people come to a wedding or a birthday party only to chow down. They don’t. However, eating is an integral part of the atmosphere at any social event.

The need for food is shared by all people. Everyone must eat to live. Naturally, tastes differ between us, but food in its purest meaning is the essence of a healthy life.  This is a possible reason for why people prefer sharing photos of their dinners and breakfasts in social media networks. Such sharing allows them to express their emotions about their food. Therefore, we should not underestimate the importance of food at social events.

The Role of Food and Beverage in Events

In some cases, food and drink act as the reason to bring people together. We used to invite our friends over for a cup of tea, to meet our partners for lunch and to spend time with a significant other at dinner.

The role of food at social events has always been important in the social lives of people. Have a look at ancient times, when it took so much time for hunters to catch a wild beast. When they finally succeeded, they brought their haul into the settlement and shared it with all the dwellers. That was a sort of feast that everyone was invited to.

Modern times also have prove a special role for food and beverages in our society. Traditional suppers are arranged to spend time with family. Don’t forget about the major holidays, such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. The latter is actually the celebration of food in many interpretations.

Beverages and spirits also have their share of social popularity. It’s a regular occurrence to watch some sporting event while sipping on a beer. Coffee or tea is the most popular excuse to invite a woman or a man on a date.

Gastronomy tourism is another bit of evidence of the importance of food and beverages in society.

The examples are numerous and they are evidence that the place of food at social occasions is quite significantly important. To cut a long story short, food is a kind of glue for social events.

Why is Food so Important at Social Events?

We’ve already emphasized the importance of having a meal at social events. The question remains, as to why it’s so important. When you’re invited to a party, you’re not provided with a full menu or list of beverages. It’s even possible that you don’t care about the availability of food and drinks at some social event. However, if they no-show, it will be a complete drawback noticed and remarked upon by all attendees. So, let’s figure out the main reasons behind the importance of food at social events.

Reason #1. Food as a way to show hospitality

Since ancient times, the food was a sign of the hospitality of the homeowners. There were a few taverns or dining establishments in ancient times, and travelers often came by to the nearest houses. The hosts tried to express their respect to the traveler and welcomed him with the best dishes they could provide.

Nowadays, the situation is virtually the same. If we appreciate our guests, we try to offer them the best drinks and food. Food and events hospitality, are directly connected.

Reason #2. Food as an opportunity to make connections

Have you heard that many deals had originated from attending informal meals or dinners? Sharing a meal together is a good means of communication. This relates not only to the business sector but also to other areas of life. As a rule, we invite a person to enjoy a snack or beverage, to learn more about him/her. Many new connections are made in formal receptions and parties, which are accompanied with foods and drinks. It’s much easier to make connections when you share something in common. With this in mind,, eating is a shared activity, which brings people together.

Reason #3. Food as a way to brand your event

Any social event needs to be branded in order to entice attendees. There are many ways to attract visitors to your party, sports event or some other theme-based occasion. The availability of food at your event is your ace in the hole. People will be sure that they won’t get hungry at your event and will be more interested. Food will also encourage your visitors to stay longer because a satisfied guest is a happy guest. In short, your social event will stand out from other similar events if you provide snacks and drinks. It’s also a noteworthy new trend to use edible marketing to promote your event. Edible cups and chocolate flyers will send any guest into raptures.

Social Event Food Checklist

A food checklist is a list of requirements to organize the refreshments at your event. It’s an important part of planning your social function because the visitors should be satisfied with what they consume. There are many companies offering their catering services for such events. You may hire a caterer to save time and energy. If you do everything on your own, you should be ready to spend a whole lot of time and energy in preparation. First, you need to provide the tools and equipment required for food and drinks. Tables, linens, kitchen equipment, dinnerware, chairs, and other essential items should be in adequate amounts in accordance with the amount of visitors. Cleanness is the most important factor for catering. Food and drinks should be introduced in various options. E.g., some visitors may prefer tea instead of coffee. Try to consider taste preferences for the entire audience. Also, pay special attention that trash bins for used plastic cups and plates are readily available. The attendees at your event should be impressed with the catering.

Write a time plan

A time plan is required for long-lasting events. For example, an event which starts early in the morning and ends late in the evening would be considered long. If your social event lasts more than 5 hours, consider planning for food time. It’s also advisable to provide coffee breaks in the pauses. Such breaks are useful opportunities for guests to mingle. If a banquet is planned for your event, schedule it towards the end of the planned activities.

In general, eating at the events depends on the type and duration of what’s planned. The main objective of organizers is to prevent attendees from suffering from hunger.

Food safety

Unfortunately, not all people can eat what they want. Various health issues can limit the portions for people. Besides that, there are numerous foods which can cause allergic reactions. Take that into account when planning for your social event. You should satisfy every visitor, so be sure to offer different types of snacks and foods at the event. The same situation for beverages. The more options for drinks, the better. An important tidbit of advice is to provide healthy and safe food and drinks. For this reason, avoid perishable products and consider foods that will definitely be harmless.

Despite all that was mentioned above, food is not the main element of your social event. It’s an important component, which attracts people and makes them comfortable. Your social affair must not turn into a feast, but you should also not keep your guests famished. If you achieve a harmony between food and activities, your event will score a huge success. Get started and master the ABCs of excellent event socialization techniques for free.

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