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The 15 Biggest Fintech Conferences


The sphere of fintech technologies is developing at a surprisingly rapid pace. Every year, a huge number of international professional conferences are held throughout the world, where very important issues are discussed. Let’s check out the top fintech events for the upcoming year!

Opportunities that open up at fintech conferences

Visiting events related to the financial sector provides a bright and useful perspective for any business as it sets a vector for further development in the industry. Events will cover important topics, such as open and mobile banking, blockchain, and AI in the fintech industry, as well as provide other priceless insights that are exclusively available for industry insiders and top leaders. It is worth noting that there are quite a few such events, but in this article, we will highlight only the most important ones that you shouldn’t miss.

The development of marketing technologies in fintech and e-commerce also opens new avenues and perspectives. The introduction of artificial intelligence and chatbots in the fields of trade, insurance, support, and other services is gaining immense popularity. Technologies widely used around the globe are presented at fintech events, which act as advisory forums that help business proprietors make the right technology choices and decisions. 

Top 15 fintech conferences to attend

A comprehensive fintech conference list may be endless due to the fact that there are so many events in the world to attend and gain fintech experience. Here are the most high-profile events you should look for this year. Don’t worry if some of these have already taken place. You should still check them out for any upcoming news so you can attend their next event in the near future in different regions.


17–19 September, Frankfurt

Worldline is inviting fintech companies and startups to the 2019 edition of its e-Payments Challenge, running from September 17 to 19 in Frankfurt. It is created to connect, co-innovate, and develop partnerships around their clients’ business challenges with their experts and industrial assets to answer a specific set of business challenges raised by clients, creating disruptive use cases in different industrial domains and markets (P2P, C2B, B2B, B2C, etc.).

2. RegTech Summit 

14 November 2019, Convene Conference Center, New York

The RegTech Summit brings together the industry ecosystem of RegTech practitioners, regulators, startups, and solutions providers. The RegTech Summit for Capital Markets explores how the financial services industry can leverage technology to drive innovation, cut costs, and support regulatory change. Join in to collaborate and discuss innovative and effective approaches for building a better regulatory environment!

3. Temenos Community Forum

2–4 April, The Hague, Netherlands

The Temenos Community Forum is exploring a new era of banking. This conference featured more than 30 experts from various niches in the industry who talked about the latest developments and trends for the further development of the industry. This large-scale event brought together a large number of very interesting people:

  • Banking managers
  • Industry experts
  • Fintech developers
  • Members of the Temenos community

You could also hear success stories from clients of more than 1,000 banks and financial institutions from around the world. This was a very interesting and large-scale conference, so if you’re interested in fintech technologies, you should definitely plan to attend next year!

4. Seamless FinTech

10–11 April, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Seamless is the largest conference and exhibition of financial technologies in the region. This event was designed for financial companies operating in the Persian Gulf. Key market players (banks, insurance and commercial companies, government representatives, fintech startups, etc.) were presented there. At this event, various topics were actively discussed:

  • Payment innovations
  • Directly mobile fintech technology
  • E-commerce, etc.

The Seamless FinTech financial services conference is held every year, and more than 10,000 people take part in this event.

5. AI in Finance Summit New York

3–4 September 2020, New York

At AI in Finance Summit, you will discover advances in AI and machine learning tools and techniques from the world’s leading innovators across the industry, research, and financial sectors. Speakers will share insights on recent breakthroughs in technical advancements and fintech applications, including financial forecasting and compliance.

6. Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS)

29–30 April, London

At this conference, people learned from leading industry representatives about the latest achievements in global finance as well as the problem of a lack of new talent. IFGS-2019 for fintech technology focused on key issues that will expand fintech’s capabilities today and in the near future. You can already read the agenda for other events that will be held next year: Green Finance, Embedded Finance, and the Boston FinTech Week.

7. FinovateSpring

8–10 May, San Francisco, California, USA

About 1,300 people were present at FinovateSpring. Finovate Group is a research organisation that specialises in innovations in the field of financial and banking technologies. It was planned that more than 60 companies would show their presentations at this event, which is one of the best fintech conferences. More than 120 expert speakers talked about banking, payment, credit technologies, artificial intelligence, and customer experience for visitors.

8. Money2020 Europe

3–5 June, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Money 2020 is one of the biggest fintech conferences of the year that simply shouldn’t be missed. It is there that representatives of both fintech and financial services industries are presented together. There will be many interesting people at this conference, from beginner startups to the top management of the largest European financial organisations. They discuss how to build the future of money step by step and share their own best practices and develop plans for their implementation. Money2020 is a great chance for new developers to make new acquaintances, which will help them to change the trajectory of their business in the future.

9. Moneyconf

10–12 June, Dublin, Ireland

This event was organised by the team of the world’s largest Web Summit conference. Five thousand people from more than 60 countries will take part in Moneyconf. Here you will find interesting lectures, practical seminars, and the opportunity to talk with market experts in an informal setting. Every year for the past four years, experts from the crypto currency market and representatives of the fintech industry have gathered to learn and discover at the Moneyconf conference.

10. The Future of FinTech 2019

11–13 June, New York

If you want to know about the latest trends in this industry, you should definitely attend this event. This conference brings together the giants of financial services, representatives of fintech startups, and large investors. The conference centers on discussing the future of financial services. Experts from 31 countries around the world from six continents (except Antarctica) were present this year.

11. Digital Banking

19–21 June, Austin, Texas, USA

This conference has a huge amount of exclusive content as well as many live demos every year. This three-day event was attended by over 1,500 senior executives from various financial institutions as well as fintech representatives from around the world. At this event, you will hear the views of financial industry experts who share their perspectives on the future of digital banking.

12. Moneylive

25–26 June, London

At this conference, fintech experts discuss how new technologies (AI, APIs, etc.) are able to transform banking. This conference was primarily intended for senior managers, but the main goal of Moneylive is to enter into new partnerships, so everyone’s invited!

13. Seamless Asia 2019

26–27 June, Singapore

This is one of the largest financial events in Asia focusing on e-commerce, artificial intelligence, mobile payments, digital user identification, and security. The conference has a 23-year history; at its first meeting, such innovations as the introduction of bank cards and Internet payments were still being discussed. This year, more than 350 speakers were expected from 150 different financial companies throughout Asia.

14. MoneyLive Digital Banking Asia – 2019

2–3 July, Singapore

This event is one of the most sought-after tickets in the region in terms of fintech conferences and events that bring together leading experts. This major financial conference is held in Singapore and brings together the leaders of the largest banks as well as fintech representatives from across Asia. The latest developments from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries of this region are proudly presented in one place.

15. EFMA Retail Banking Summit 2019

6–7 November, Singapore

This event has been regularly held on an annual basis since 2014. It’s one of the most highly anticipated upcoming fintech conferences. This year, the conference will focus on key priorities and the most pressing problems facing the banking industry in this region. At the upcoming event, it will be possible to personally communicate with the leaders of the banking sector and find out what steps they plan to take to improve the quality of the services they provide. Don’t miss it!


We realise the importance of featured events in the lives of various specialists and the huge help they provide to industry newbies. There are many fintech conferences in 2019-2020 to attend. Such a large number of conferences tells us that the fintech sphere is still gaining momentum; in the near future, mobile payment technologies will increasingly become part of our daily lives. Stay with us for more fintech event updates!

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