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10 Event Ideas to Raise Brand Awareness

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If you are a digital marketing enthusiast like me, then you’ve probably already been exposed to various marketing strategies. One that I particularly like and find most effective is event branding.

The goal of event branding is quite simple: to put your brand in the spotlight while creating a more personal relationship with your prospective customers and even potential partners. In a nutshell, this is an event that is dedicated to creating an identity for your brand and putting your name on everybody’s lips.

Searching through the Internet, you can find hundreds of event marketing strategies that can help you get started. However, before you can decide which strategies to use, there is one lesser known decision that needs to be made first that shouldn’t be taken for granted—deciding on the perfect event idea that fits well with your brand.

Luckily for you, I’ve had my fair share of event branding invites, and I’m going to share with you the ten event ideas that will help raise brand awareness.


1. Interactive or expo events


People will more than likely remember the events or things that keep them engaged. You can do this through hands-on stations and exhibits where they can see and experience things firsthand. This event idea is suitable for gaming and gadget companies aiming to introduce new products to the market.

I always had this prejudice about exhibits being not worth the cost, but after attending my very first technology and gadget expo, I realized that there are actually a lot of people willing to attend just to see how these new creations benefit them. In fact, an exhibition lead is much more successful and less costly than a lead coming from the conventional “finding and meeting” strategy.

2. Fundraising events



Raising money for the benefit of a charity that is related to your brand is an excellent way to raise awareness. These events usually require you to have a particular target audience, specifically an audience that may be made up of your potential customers. Such events make people happy about spending money for a good cause.


3. Workshop events


How about establishing your brand as an authority in your niche? This event idea is a great way to teach new knowledge or skills that your brand represents. You can reach out to your top employees or partner with a professional for the event. For instance, if you are a cosmetics brand, you can reach out to top influencers in the beauty industry and hire them for a workshop session that teaches attendees how to use your products to create different looks.

I know some friends who would be happy to attend an event like this, especially if it’s a brand they love.


4. Travel events


This is a unique and exciting event to bring awareness to your brand. How does having your product demonstration in a unique setting sound? Let’s say you want to bring more awareness to your camera brand; you can take a few customers on a trip where they can test out your company’s cameras by taking beautiful shots. Add a few more activities to make customers feel engaged with each other, and it will be a successful event.


5. Lecture events


Lecture events are great for tackling issues related to your brand. Hire professional speakers who can talk about the said issues and who can offer the best solutions. Lecture events are educational, so it is highly recommended that you choose a great speaker whom your target audience can easily relate to.

Green brands love to have these events so that they can bring in speakers (or a person from the brand itself) to talk about environmental issues and how their products can help contribute to solving these issues.


6. Just-for-fun events


Do all event branding ideas have to be directly related to your brand? Not really. This is what fun events are for. You can still raise brand awareness even without having to push your brand to your customers. If your brand targets families, then organize an event where the whole family can enjoy spending some bonding time together.

Unfortunately, customers become more suspicious of brands that scream the loudest. This is why experts suggest having events where the sole purpose is to have fun and just let people enjoy the event, which can then be beneficial to you. These events help people feel relaxed, thus creating a positive image for your brand. This basically sends the message “We’re confident with our brand, so we don’t need to try so hard.”


7. Holiday events


These are basically events with branding during the holidays. For example, you can organize a Christmas party for a few selected customers and share some goodies from your brand. People love receiving freebies, not to mention that Christmas is the perfect season to establish that personal connection with them.


8. Music festivals


This is a personal favorite and has been one of the most entertaining event branding ideas over the past few years. Beer companies are famous for throwing music festivals, which bring existing and potential customers together in one place to enjoy some good music and beer.  

People will remember your brand along with the great memories they have during the festival. Lotte Music Festival in South Korea and Quilmes Rock Music Festival in Argentina are two great examples of this type of event.

You can also reach out to other brands in your industry and plan this event together.


9. Fan meeting events


How about bringing in popular personalities as ambassadors of your brand? Popular celebrities have a strong fan base that would love to meet them in person. Fan meeting events are becoming popular and can help your brand big time, especially if you partner with the right people.


10. Brand anniversary events


The media often takes notice of grand events and celebrations. You can use this to your advantage and make your brand anniversary the talk of the town. Why not create a memorable celebration while raising brand awareness at the same time?

You can integrate the other event branding ideas in this list to make your brand anniversary even more successful. As for some different tips on how to pull off this type of event, here’s a short guide from Event marketing is quite a challenge to pull off, but with a great event idea coupled with some proven event marketing strategies, this can easily be done right.

Remember, your brand matters, so presenting your brand and shaping how you want your target customers to see you as an authority brand can bring significant growth to your business.

Which of the event ideas do you like best? Perhaps you have other event branding ideas in mind. Share them below to help others!

Belle Balace is the marketing manager at LogoAi, an Ai-powered logo

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