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Lourdes Soares

How To Plan A Digital Event

How To Plan A Digital Event
We have already entered the digital world and are continually exploring what is new. It is exciting to think about the era that we are in right now. By harnessing all these powerful tools such as social media, digital marketing,…

How To Take An Exhibition Digital

How to create a digital exhibition
Hosting a digital exhibition will benefit your company in several ways. Plan your digital exhibition in a way that it will be remembered by your audience for the year to come. Check out the software that you can use to host your event.

Hybrid Events: What You Need To Know To Organize One

All you need to know about hybrid events
A hybrid event's success depends upon the team effort and planning at every stage. Here is a list of things to keep in mind while organizing successful hybrid events, so the event is organised in the write way and checklist to move on at every step of the way.

Consumers Demand Hybrid Experiences

The functioning of events has changed over the years. Events have always been of great significance with the primary aim of bringing together people and entertaining them. However, events have changed over time and are not the same as they…