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Lourdes Soares

Benefits of Conferences Going Virtual

virtual conferences virtual events
With the advent of the pandemic, virtual conferences became a popular go-to option for many event organisers. Even while at the time of writing, some parts of the world are returning to normalcy, virtual events, particularly virtual conferences, are here…

How to Choose the Best Virtual Event Software

Virtual event software GEVME
Virtual events have become common, and almost all types of events that were referred to earlier as physical-only, are now being transformed into stunning online events. Almost every event imaginable can be conducted virtually including trade shows, conferences, career expos,…

The Story of How a Classic Theatrical Play Went Virtual

virtual experience makers
Yeoh Siew Hoon, Founder of WiT, events and media platform, once again returned to Virtual Experience Makers, this time to interview Hossan Leong and Derrick Chew of the famous theatrical, The Curious Case of the Missing Peranakan Treasure. Virtual and…

Getting Event Agencies to be Virtual and Hybrid Ready

event agencies
The event industry has traditionally been slow to adopt new technology. COVID-19 changed it all. The pandemic forced event agencies to move events online and they had no option but to take the leap. But as the barrier to entry…

Key Takeaways from Ep 3 of Next-Generation Virtual Events series

virtual event networking
Virtual event networking remains one of the main reasons why people attend events. Even without face-to-face interactions, virtual events provide new opportunities for attendees to connect.  In the third episode of ‘Next-Generation Virtual Events’ by GEVME, we show you how…