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Cheryl Kar

How to Host an Impactful Virtual Team Building Event

A virtual team building event gathers employees from the same company or organisation to promote teamwork and collaboration. These events can take many different forms but often involve activities that require participants to work together to complete a task or…

How to Get Speakers and Attendees to Promote Your Event

Acing your event promotion strategy is often a challenging task. You may have an outstanding line-up of speakers for your event, a repository of informational content for attendees, a strong agenda and everything in between.  But to create a buzz…

How to Host a Successful Virtual Career Fair

Drastic changes in the recruitment process have been accelerated due to innovative technology available in recent years. A career fair is no more limited to university halls filled with employers showcasing their companies looking to hire graduate students.  The traditional…

How Micro-Events Supercharge Your Event Strategy

Connecting with your attendees on an individual basis is usually difficult at large-scale events. This is a key reason why most event planners fail to create tailored experiences for their attendees – and in some cases, miss out on important…

Effective Hybrid Event Strategies You Need to Know

The last two years have been instrumental in bringing a whirlwind of changes into the event industry. Physical events, the most popular way to host events in pre-pandemic times, saw a gradual decline as virtual events became everyone’s first choice. …

Virtual Event Benefits You Need To Know in 2022

The idea of organising events virtually was always the second choice in pre-pandemic times. However, virtual events took the industry by storm during the pandemic. Now even with lockdown restrictions gradually easing, it continues to remain a popular option –…