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Anna Tomakh

Social Proof: Use Customer Reviews to Drive Event Sales

One thing that we know about customer reviews is that they are a powerful tool for boosting sales. In business, customer feedback plays a significant role in ensuring business efficiency and future sales growth. According to experts, positive feedback can…

Why You Don’t Need a Website for an Event

best event website
Why should you create a separate landing page for events? What are the main mistakes made by most organisers when creating pages? Discover the best event website tips to answer the most vital event planning questions like these.

Guide to Raising Money at Nonprofit Events

There are numerous nonprofit organisations that arrange events and work hard at raising money for nonprofits with the assistance of professional event organisers. With the help of an event organising online platform, they may come up with various ways to…

How to Manage Event Budgets Online

how to manage event budgets
The key processes of online management of an event budget include defining tasks, setting tasks for people, monitoring execution, charting financial performance, etc. All of this is necessary to rule the mobile and online events. Therefore, GEVME provides functions for…

Networking Opportunities for Attendees

attendees networking opportunities
When planning a networking event format and events for the year, you likely know what results you want to achieve: gaining credibility in the market segment, expanding the audience of the brand, impressing key customers of the company, etc.

Ways to Make PR Work for Your Event

Ways to Make PR Work for Your Event
When it is necessary to announce an event, who do you tell about it and what promotion tools should you choose in order to get the maximum coverage? What PR strategy for an event should you create? Let’s find out.

Top Ideas for Onsite Engagement

Top Ideas for Onsite Engagement
The best way to build continued customer engagement is through strong event engagement experiences. How to implement this strategy? Let’s see.