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The Top 20 Advantages of Event Gamification

The Top 20 Advantages of Event Gamification
Studies show that gamification helps to develop new skills, forms independence, and motivates event attendees. With the help of game mechanics, you can affect the communication within the event, the culture of the organisation, work efficiency, etc.

GEVME Product Updates August

GEVME Product Updates
It has been a pretty intense and fruitful period, and we’ve managed to make a lot of useful improvements. Let’s check them out so you can start using them!

Questions for a Successful Event Debrief

Questions for a Successful Event Debrief
Regardless of the nature of the event being organized, its planning should always begin with a thorough conversation with the person in charge. It is impossible to host a successful event without preliminary elaboration of many details, including event debrief…

The 15 Biggest Fintech Conferences

The sphere of fintech technologies is developing at a surprisingly rapid pace. Every year, a huge number of international professional conferences are held throughout the world, where very important issues are discussed. Let’s check out the top fintech events for…

10 Customer Training Event Ideas

training ideas
Business and marketing trainers often give small and medium-sized business owners one recommendation: In order to attract new customers, you need to educate them and offer them something free, something they find difficult to refuse. Initially, customer training events are…

New Revenue Streams from Events

revenue generation strategies
The block of event revenue streams or income streams includes the material profit that the company receives from each consumer segment. How can you find some new revenue streams? 

Interview with speakers & organisers at TSEA Event 2019

Interview with speakers & organisers at TSEA Event 2019
Informa plc is pleased to announce that after hugely successful runs of The Special Event USA and the Middle East Special Event Show, The Special Event Asia 2019 (#TSEA19) will be launching its Asia’s edition from 18-19 November 2019 at…

How the Gevme cashless token system works

How the Gevme cashless token system works
When organisers look for a solution that allows visitors to help themselves with the purchase of coupons by going online, Gevme comes in handy! Check out how Gevme acts as a cashless token system to create a positive experience for…

How to Keep Track of Event Guest Lists with GEVME

Guest list tracking is an effective way to organise an event for customers and keep a record of its progress. This also allows you to coordinate the work of the team, streamline all related documentation in one place, and more…

Free Post-Event Survey Software

free post-event survey software
There are some services that allow the creation of event survey tools and online surveys to be as simple as possible. However, what kind of service should you choose, and how do such services differ?