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Anna Tomakh

Lounge Ideas to WOW Your Attendees on Your Next Event

Lounge Ideas For Your Next Event
Wondering how you can spice up your next event? Having a perfect lounge for your attendees in your next event will not only light up your event, but it will have your guests networking, socializing, and posing for pictures while…

How to Plan a Sustainable Event

How to Plan a Sustainable Event
Events and gatherings happen in all sizes, at all kinds of social and commercial environments — whether it is a Christmas party, a large scale conference or a business event. And everybody loves enjoying a day, an evening or perhaps…

GEVME Reader’s Choice Best of 2019

TOP 10 blog posts in 2019
We are in the first month of the new year, in fact, the new decade. In this blog, we have collected the top Gevme blogs of 2019, which were all voted by the readers and brought the most number of…

How to Price Your Event: Guide to Strategies for 2020

Guide on How to Price Your Event in 2020
So you are organizing a large scale conference and have planned everything — right from the number of guests attending the event, to the venue and operations. Yet, there is something that has been bothering the event planner in you…

8 Benefits of an Attendance Tracking System at Events

Attendance tracking system
One of the biggest challenges event-managers face is data collection. Before organizing an event, event-managers collect data concerning attendance, ticket sales, and expectations. After an event, event planners also collect data on audience feedback and event performance. Without sufficient data,…

Event Insurance: A Guide to Cost, Coverage, and Claims

Types of Event Insurance
Event planners always have concerns about the safety and security of events. As an event organizer, there is always the possibility of accidents occurring during an event. And some accidents might even lead to lawsuits which usually lead to even…