8 Free Apps for Busy Event Managers

As event managers are often on the go, having access to information on the go is critical. Here are 8 free apps which we thought would be great to have for busy event managers.


This is a great mind-mapping app on your iPad if you are brainstorming on event ideas or having discussions with your team.  There’s both the free and paid versions but the Free version works great for me.


This is a familiar app for most users who like to synchronise content between desktop and mobile. I love using this for meetings where I just take my iPad along and retrieve this from desktop for reference purpose. The notification function works great as well for reminder of key tasks based on my event or project milestones.


Need to retrieve files at the last minute from your mobile? Tools like dropbox can turn out to be your lifesaver, when you need to retrieve the most urgent documents at a critical time. That is, as long as your company policy allows you to.


Need to synchronise multiple calendars from across your social profiles and working account in one single app? Sunrise works like a gem, with a very neat user interface. Best of all, it’s free!


At the most unexpected times, a simple calculator tool would be useful to negotiate tricky formulas. Have it in your app list, just in case.

Google Maps

Got a call from a VIP who got lost somewhere in the city, and who do not have data access? Google maps would help you to offer directions to the most important of guests, especially those from overseas, who might be lost in one corner of the city.


Need to offer escorted service for your keynote speakers due to wet weather? Having a weather app which offers weather forecast just helps you to anticipate whether a trigger of the wet weather programme is needed.


Monitoring your tweets and hashtag mentions? The twitter app is what you need for instant reply to your event audience. Of course, if you have a paid account with those social media aggregator providers, I’m sure they will have some form of mobile app to monitor your social media presence and mentions across multiple social media channels.

I am sure you will have your own list of must-have apps on your mobile but if you do not, the above will just help to get you going, for FREE!