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Saturday / January 16.

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The Ambassador: The Face of the Brand

The job of a brand ambassador is important just like any other position in a company, but unlike any other position, they are literally the “face of the brand”. It is crucial in choosing the right person for the role because the last thing you want is for people to think that your ambassador is a sellout. Here are a few crucial pointers in finding that perfect candidate.


An obvious point but nonetheless, relevant. An individual with an outgoing, cheerful, charming personally. A human magnet if you will. Someone who is approachable and engaging but not pushy. On a fundamental level, he/she is very comfortable being himself/herself. Mask-less, Honest.

Ever met someone who fills a room with their aura? Yep. That’s the kind of ambassador you are looking for at an event.

A simple analogy. To speak to cats, you need to be a cat and speak feline…

Got it? Purrfect.

The Pro

A sharp looking gentleman

Professionalism. A pro at handling difficult situations. Nobody is able to please everyone; it’s virtually impossible. Thus, you are looking for someone who is skilled at the art of speech-craft and pursuation; not in the corrupt sense of the word. Someone who doesn’t use offensive words and knows how to de-escalate a problem when it arises. Clearheaded, logical and calm towards challenges.


An advantage but doesn’t necessarily equate to success. Remember, that what you are looking for is a purrrrfect candidate as your brand’s ambassador; someone whose lifestyle and personality that fits into your brand. Avoid looking for people just because they are experienced.

A lightning connector

It’s like… a pirated iPhone charger cable. It might just work, but it ain’t the real thing.

TRUTH! *drops microphone*


Old Havana, Havana

So far so good? Now, let’s talk about what goes behind the subject. Away from public eyes, the individual and their interests. An easy example here would be female focused cosmetics, brands like maybelline, estee lauder and shiseido just to name a few. You won’t find a male sports athlete being the ‘face’ of such well known brands like these anytime soon. Yea yea yea… I’m exaggerating, but I hope you get the idea.

It’s a clear advantage to find somebody who lives the lifestyle/interest because they’d be the ones communicating with that interest circle/group.

And now for the crème de la crème. In my honest opinion, the best quality…

A believer

Beauty Dish by Mark Hambelton

How will you convince others if you can’t convince yourself? Personally, I think this is the most crucial point in finding “The One”. If a person truly believes in something, they will always go the extra mile in reaching out and sharing their experiences with others. It inevitably empowers them; boosting all traits we have mentioned previously. It acts like a permanent power up. Imagine Mario picking up a super star and being in that mode indefinitely.

So, there you go folks! Hope these pointers would help you find the perfect candidate for your brand and/or your event.

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Till next time! Cheers!

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