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Tuesday / December 1.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

Social Media X Events: Making Your Events Buzzworthy

A successful event is one that becomes buzzworthy.” That is what Rachel Siah, Co-founder of BRCKTS, said when she was discussing what defines the success of an event in the digital era that over 75% of all Internet users use social media

Whatever your opinion of a successful event is, we all must agree that the marriage of social media and events has become a norm for modern event organizers. However, not all event planners are au fait with social media and are stabbing in the dark when it comes to using social media for their event marketing.

That was why we invited Rachel as a speaker at GEVME Xchange 2016, our event that connects event event management and event marketing professionals, held annually in sunny Singapore.

At the conference, Rachel shared fascinating insights into using social media for event planning and execution with the case studies and precious lessons gained from her own experience.

Rachel Siah Speaker Social Media X Events: Making Your Events BuzzworthyRachel perceived social media as a community that enables real-time voice and global connectedness. To become an ‘insider’, one must know the 6 following components:

1. The 1-9-90 rule – the Internet culture

2. Social currency – we share what makes us look good.

3. Conformity – we follow what people around us are doing.

4. Triggers – we share what is at the top of our minds.

5. Emotions – we share what provokes strong emotions

6. Stories – We share stories, not information.

For details on how to make your events buzzworthy, click here for the slides.

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