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Sunday / September 15.

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The Luxury Venues for Events in Singapore

The Luxury Venues for Events in Singapore

The venues that can host your event in Singapore range from museums and restaurants to sport facilities. Still, choosing the place that truly reflects the soul of your event’s theme isn’t always a piece of cake.

Adding a bit of glamour and extravagance to the event venue is always a great way to make an event special. Let’s explore some of the best luxury meeting spaces in Singapore that you as an event manager can leverage to surpass the expectations of your attendees.

A luxury venue as the ideal choice for your event

The choice of the venue is usually built around aspects of price, location, and event format. Depending on the goals of the event manager, luxury venues can be the right fit for a variety of event types:

  • Business conferences. Whether it’s a luxury resort or a beautiful retreat location, a deluxe venue can perfectly underline the theme of a small or large business meeting. If you’re planning regular business conferences, it’s also possible to negotiate a multi-year contract and get a long-term luxury site at a moderate cost.
  • Corporate party / overseas company retreat. Want your team to have a good time in a gorgeous location with delicious food and great entertainment facilities? Singapore can treat your local or overseas company to some stunning luxury venue spaces.
  • Exhibitions. Selecting the right space for presenting an exhibition is crucial because it can help you maximize sales or expand your network of contacts. A luxury venue can be a big advantage here.

The best luxury venues for an event in Singapore

Singapore boasts a wide selection of unique venues that can embellish events of any type and format:

Faber Peak Singapore

There’s no better choice if you want to take event attendees to cloud 9. Faber Peak Singapore is the unique top-of-hill venue that offers a gorgeous view of Sentosa and the harbor. With several private meeting spaces that can accommodate up to 300 attendees, Faber Peak is the beloved location for MICE industry events. Among its special attractions are excellent lighting and audio-visual technologies, as well as highly-transformable spaces that cater to any thematic events.

B&W Estate

Sometimes one luxurious meeting room is simply not enough. To set up an excellent private party for up to 120 guests, you can choose B&W Estate which is a beautiful colonial event space in Singapore. The house fee starts at $4,000 per night which includes access to the estate area, a large swimming pool, and a lovely park. To event planners, the administration offers an abundance of special event packages as well as catering support.

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

The beauty of the maritime setting in combination with great resort attractions makes any event unforgettable. Check out the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club if you seek a luxury venue with a 500+ guest capacity. At this site, you can find a mix of rooftop, indoor, and outdoor spaces that can be transformed to meet the requirements of your event.  The club has the long history of hosting private parties, large corporate events, product launches, and conferences. Is yours going to be next?

The National Gallery Singapore

The National Gallery Singapore is an exciting combination of neoclassical architecture, contemporary design, and the history of Southeast Asia. The space is situated in a great location widely accessible to public transportation and can be booked as the venue for exhibitions, private meetings, or conferences. If you focus on showcasing Singaporean legacy and culture, this is the ideal place.

Shangri-La Tower Ballroom

Equipped with excellent display and audio-visual equipment, adjustable spotlights, and gorgeous renovated spaces, Shangri-La Tower Ballroom is one of the favorite luxury meeting points in Singapore used for corporate incentives, MICE events, and gala dinners. With a 600+ guest capacity, the place is a most suitable fit for a large scale business meetings.

How to choose the right luxury venue in Singapore?

The top luxury event places in Singapore represent a perfect balance of good price, accessibility, and decor. To pick the right event venue, consider the following aspects:

  • Location. Traffic, transportation, distance, and driving directions: All of these factors are of the utmost importance when it comes to the choice of a location. If you take the full responsibility of bringing your guests to the place, location is less of a problem. You can choose some recreational or resort area outside of the city. Otherwise, make sure people can find the place and get there.
  • Capacity. Pay special attention to the room capacity. No matter how gorgeous and spacious the venue looks to you, make inquiries about how many guests can be accommodated to guarantee maximal convenience and mobility.
  • Services and amenities. Event venue packages in Singapore often include diverse service deals which is why you have to consider each offering carefully. For instance, if the venue price seems to be a little too high for your budget, but the package includes some catering services, this choice might ultimately be quite cost-effective.
  • Layout. Here’s the drill: first you build an event venue plan with a layout and then choose the luxury location. Don’t try to do this the other way around! There are two things that matter the most about the venue layout: the flow of traffic and the event activities. If the selected space seems to satisfy both, this is your ideal choice.


There’s much to consider when choosing a luxury event venue in Singapore, but there’s one golden rule: Be ready with your event planning idea before going on a venue hunt. This way you’ll certainly pick the place resonating with your upcoming event concept.

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