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Wednesday / November 25.

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Live Streaming Your Event: Yes Or No?

I grew up in an age where my main form of digital entertainment was Sonic the Hedgehog on a Sega set and the Internet only became a real thing when I was a teenager though even then to start it up one had to go through the cacophony of the modem dial up.


This long preamble merely serves to highlight my amazement at how far technology has come and you can now, to a very high level of quality, stream your event live to an essentially global audience. The question that concerns us in this article, though, is should you do it? We’ll consider this by looking at some of the main issues that are related to this.

Who Is Your Audience

Every event has, or should have, a target audience in mind. This, of course, differs from the nature and purpose of what you have organized. Some events, by virtue of them being catered specifically for an exclusive lot of guests, are unsuitable for live streaming.

Now, you are probably thinking that that was an inane and obvious thing to say. But actually, it goes a little deeper than that. You see, it isn’t simply a matter of having a private event vis a vis a public event. Sometimes, the content for certain events is only applicable to a particular crowd and serves no purpose for audiences who are outside this demographic. Broadcasting, or having publicity about this broadcast, might be at best unhelpful to your branding or at worse harmful. Having audiences tune in in eager anticipation only to bore or disappoint them with irrelevant content is not a good way to build customer relations. Be very careful, therefore, and try to understand who you are targeting when deciding whether or not to live stream an event.

What Is Your Content

If you’ve ever gone to watch a live theatrical event, say a play or a musical, then you’ll know there’s a very big difference between that and a movie. With different media, the modes of presentation are also necessarily very different. Working on the assumption that all the content you want to produce is of a very high quality, you must consider whether your presentations are suitable for live streaming, which must obviously be done through film and camera lenses.

Be focused on what you want your output to be and if it is something that is best experienced in person, then resist the temptation to live stream it for the sake of it. Don’t compromise on quality for quantity (of reach) and if it means that the scale of your production is smaller as a result, then so be it. It is far better for you to gain a reputation for high quality output and slowly build from there rather than go for the moon when your rocket ship is more suited for something else.

Do You Have The Capability

As a reputable company like yours undoubtedly is, you cannot take the chance of having bad quality output. This is particularly so when you aim to upload this on the internet. You’ll be competing for airtime and airspace with content producers of all shapes and sizes and for yours to warrant a view, it must stand out. If you have the expertise and the equipment to make sure you can do a good job, then live stream away. If not, however, it might be more prudent to err on the side of caution.

Weigh It Up

At the end of the day, technology should provide you with tools that aid you, your company and the presentation of your event. Live streaming can help your company reach out to a global audience way beyond the boundaries of your event venue and this is an advantage that should not be dismissed. Be careful, though, because technology can also bite you in the behind if used badly. With these three little questions, hopefully you’ll be able to consider more deeply whether or not live streaming your event is a good idea.

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