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Wednesday / November 25.

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Inbound Marketing for Events

Do you know that 3 out of 4 marketers globally in 2016 prioritize an inbound marketing approach, according to a report by Hubspot?

The same Hubspot report also claimed that inbound marketing can save companies 61% per lead. That is understandable as you pay for advertising to get people’s attention in outbound marketing approaches, whereas you earn people’s interest through inbound marketing. Aside from being cheaper, inbound marketing is also sustainable. The content you have created on your blogs, social media, podcasts, etc. will remain effective for lead generation long after a marketing campaign has ended.

But inbound marketing is NOT easy, especially when it is applied to events. How can you ensure you are doing it the right way?

At the GEVME Xchange 2016, an annual event that connects event management and event marketing professionals, our speaker Veemal Gungadin delivered his approach to inbound marketing for events step-by-step.

Veemal is now holding the CEO position at, where he drives the company’s strategy, sales and product development. With 10 years of experience in the events industry, Veemal finds it crucial to follow a set of proven best practices to reach our goals in organizing and marketing events.

He calls it the A.R.E.A Framework.

area framework

How can you apply inbound marketing for events using A.R.E.A Framework?

In his 30-minute presentation, Veemal led us through the complete process of inbound marketing for events with detailed examples. The outline is given below.

Attract : Get attention from strangers and turn them into leads

  • Leverage past event’s content
  • Leverage past speakers
  • Create gated content to transform a stranger to a lead

Register : Nurture leads and turn them into registrants

  • Nurture your leads/invitees
  • Remarket to leads

Engage : Engage registrants and ensure their becoming attendants

  • Automatically update blog subscribers
  • Get referral from registrants

Attend : Congratulations! It was challenging, but your efforts paid off.

For details on how to apply inbound marketing to your events using the A.R.E.A Framework, click here for the slides.

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