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Monday / September 28.

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How to Promote Your Event on Social Media

If you are planning to promote your upcoming events on social media, it’s about time to come up with a social media plan. Here, we take a look at 9 things that matters to a marketer’s social media plan.

1) Internal Followers first

If your social media account is new, it’s always good to start off with your internal followers. If 80% of a 50-man company starts to follow your new social media account, you are already off to a decent 40-member following.

2) Re-marketing on Facebook

Facebook ads manager allows you to create a Custom audience using email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs or mobile advertiser IDs.  Simply go to Facebook Ads and click on Audiences on the left. You can then create your Custom Audience using the below steps. It’s a great way to market to your newsletter subscribers who have not registered to attend your event as yet.

3) Social Shares

The global audience are getting more social in nature and anything that deserves a mention, such as a great event they are about to attend, are often worth a share on social media networks. Having social sharing buttons on your confirmation page helps you to strike the iron while it’s hot as the participating attendee completes his online registration.

4) Social Follows

While social sharing is targeted at generating new audiences, social follows helps to generate ongoing engagement and conversations via your event’s social channels. Generating awareness of your social channels can be via your email campaigns or your event landing page.

5) Be discovered using Hashtags

For each unique industry, there are bound to be common hashtags used by the industry. For example, in the events industry, #eventprofs, #eventmarketing or #meetingprofs are just some of the most commonly used hashtags by the industry. So make sure you are using the right industry hashtags (check out your industry thought leaders if needed) whenever you post on social media and be discovered by your industry communities.

6) Social Communities

Are there chat groups or forums that your industry is engaging in? With Twitter and GooglePlus, Twitter chat groups and Google Hangout communities are gradually sprouting up to be influencers on the ground on what’s happening within each unique industry. Be sure to monitor which are the relevant chat groups and communities you should engage to increase your social outreach. You might want to check out Twubs hashtag directory to start with.

7) On-Site Awareness

There are various ways to amplify the awareness of your social channels on-site. Check out this great post by Justin Garrity, SVP of Postano on 5 places to display social media at your event.

8) Newsletters/ Email Campaigns

Raising awareness of your social media presence via email campaigns/ newsletters are a great and easy way to generate that constant exposure of your social channels. Make sure that you include this in your next email campaign.

9) Post-Event Photo Sharing

Creating photo albums on platforms such as Flickr or Facebook are a great way to generate post-event buzz and likes on your social channels. It will also help to generate that brand recall for the next edition of your event as references to last year’s photo library can be one of the tactics to get people talking about the event again.

Social media is here for the long haul so make sure that you include it in your overall event marketing plan.

Photo credit: webtreats / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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