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Thursday / April 27.

The Latest Event Industry Insights

GEVME Ranked #3 for Affordable Event Management Software

gevme rank 3 affordable event management software capterra

Capterra conducted a market survey recently to evaluate event management software around the world and split them up into three categories:

  • Most Popular
  • Most Affordable
  • Most User-friendly

We are pleased to announce that at the end of the evaluation…

GEVME ranks #3 for Affordable Event Management Software in 2017!

We also qualified at #11 position for User-Friendly Event Management Software!


As we continue to create the best user experience for our users, we strive to create the best prices for the features you need. Moving forward in 2017, we will continue to do so with future updates of the software.

Thanks Capterra!

You can check out GEVME on Capterra to see why we are Ranked #3.

If you have yet to test out GEVME, request a demo and one of our GEVME specialists will be in touch with you.

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