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Thursday / April 27.

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Designing Conference Experiences That Matter to Your Audience

Conferences attendees today have high expectations, especially when they are constantly bombarded with too many meetings, webinars and conferences that promised to be inspiring but turned out dull and dreary. A UX designer who has attended hundreds of conferences around the world and got scared off by badly designed conference experiences, was on his quest to find a way to design conference experiences that matter to the audience.

As a hardcore designer, he chose a hands-on approach. He created hypotheses and tested them by becoming a conference organizer. After holding two successful sold-out UXSG conferences in 2013 and 2014 in Singapore, our UX designer finally found a way to curate conference experiences that are personal, influential and inspiring.

That UX designer is Raven Chai—a well-known figure in the Singapore UX community.

At the GEVME Xchange 2016, our annual event that connects event management and marketing professionals, we invited Raven to share his new concept of designing conferences from a audience-centric perspective.

During his presentation, Raven introduced his 7 Design Principles:

1. Making conferences feel personal again

2. Investing in things that matter to people

3. Making attendees feel at home

4. Providing sufficient information

5. Providing guidance and help all the time

6. Approachable, inspiring, engaging speakers

7. Delight in the details

For details on how to design a human-centered conference experience, click here for the slides.

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