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Monday / September 21.

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3 Reasons to Use Flash Mobs for Event Engagement

2003 – the year the term ‘flash mob’ was coined by Bill Wasik, a senior editor of Harper’s Magazine. What started out as a social experiment by Wasik has gone on to become one of the most attention-grabbing activities that possesses both the surprise factor and spontaneity. With many flash mob crews and agencies out there available for hire, event planners have included them in the mix of event engagement strategies.

On the fence with your decision to hire flash mobs? Here are? reasons why you should consider bringing a flash mob onboard for your next event.

1. Event Awareness

With a flash mob that is both entertaining and well-organized, bystanders are bound to take notice of the situation taking place. They would be more receptive to the message the flash mob is sending, and this creates a good opportunity for you to share your event with the masses.

Don’t stop there.

Film the flash mob, cut a proper video and get your event to go viral on the Internet by sharing the flash mob video on different channels. With social media being almost an extension of people these days, this will guarantee mass viewership which will result in a higher attendance rate – at the very least, more exposure. Get people talking about your event even after it’s finished.

Check out an old T-Mobile ad that did a flash mob in Liverpool Street Station:

2. Audience Engagement

While your event is underway, why not get your attendees involved or further excited by having a flash mob take place live? Without warning and without hesitation, set up a flash mob to happen at the key point(s) in your event to drive away the sleepiness and boredom that may happen at any event.

Perhaps you could choose simple flash mob set ups that allow delegates to join in easily and get them participating more actively. The flash mob is up to your creativity and imagination.

3. Sponsorship

Include a flash mob as a part of your sponsorship package to entice more sponsors. This will not only bring up the value of your packages, but at the same time your clients get the benefit of going viral with the product or service they are providing.

Take note: depending on how you work with your sponsors, you don’t want to give this sponsorship feature freely as it may cause your event to appear excessively busy. Too many flash mobs can kill the surprise factor.


Flash mobs have been around for a long time, but that doesn’t stop you from using it to spice up the event engagement at big trade shows, conferences, or even simple workshops. It really depends on your theme and what you want to achieve.

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