Call to Action Color Can Improve Conversion

If you’re organizing or marketing an event of any size, you’ll be keen to do all you can to ensure as many people read your registration forms and click through to book tickets. However, you may be unaware that the smallest factors can influence the likelihood of this happening – and one of them is color.

It’s certainly important to get the text correct when sending out email messages, but what about the all-important call to action (CTA) button? It’s not enough to simply have one; you need to make it stand out and invite people to click it, whether it says ‘register here’ or something else.

An infographic compiled by Kissmetrics cites figures from clothing maker Ript, which states that the company enjoyed a 6.3 per cent increase in sales when it made its CTA buttons yellow instead of green.

There are some important things to keep in mind here – psychological color associations; color contrast; and connected with both, the fact that anything you want people to click must appear ‘clickable’.

Color and psychology

Interior designers often talk of the importance of colors when it comes to influencing mood, so this is something event managers can capitalize on too. For example, blue is associated with logic but also trustworthiness and loyalty. You could therefore make your CTA buttons this color to reassure people that your event is respected in its field.

Yellow is a very energizing color, so you might want to make your CTA buttons yellow for the messages you send to those who still aren’t sure about attending your event, or who have left registering until the last minute. Red and orange should have a similar effect.

Call-To-Action Buttons with GEVME
Using the right call-to-action colour  may be just bosst your event registration to a new high!  

On the other hand, green is a very relaxing hue – it may therefore be best to avoid it where you need to create a buzz and persuade people to register.

Color contrast

Once you’ve chosen your CTA button color, ensure the text you place inside it is in a complimentary but contrasting hue. For instance, don’t use green text on a yellow button, as it will disappear. White words on a red background always look good, as does black on yellow.

Founder of customer service firm Temper Josh Pigford said the importance of color cannot be overstated, something those using event management software would do well to keep in mind.

“Used well, color can help you to seal the deal and turn site visitors into customers and/or subscribers. Used poorly, color can confuse the message you’re trying to promote and turn your site visitors away,” he commented.