5 Digital Platforms for Event Remarketing

First-time visitors don’t always convert and purchase on the get go. Tech-savvy users nowadays prefer to research and make comparisons in order to make smart purchases. However, how do you get these users to remember you and come back to seal the deal? The answer is event remarketing. Tapping into potential customers who have visited your web page, event remarketing comes in the form of ads and reminders to convince your target audience to purchase tickets and attend your event. Here are 5 digital platforms that will help you make powerful second impression.

Google: Analytics and AdWords

A chart illustrating the Google Remarketing system

With a huge network of websites, including popular Google-owned platforms such as YouTube and Gmail, The Google Display Network has an extensive reach of up to 90% of internet-users globally. Combining Google Analytics and AdWords creates an advanced system to identify your target audience and remarket your event to them. You can first create your remarketing list under the Segments function of Google Analytics, where you can go into the specific of demographics, behavior, and more. After you’ve identified your audience through the remarketing list, you can then use the list as a basis for your AdWords campaigns!

Facebook: Adverts

Setting your target audience through Facebook Ads Manager

With more than 1 billion people active on Facebook, the social networking platform is more than ideal for your remarketing efforts. By installing a Facebook pixel on your site, the snippet of code will capture traffic from your website (or designated pages if you’d like to be more specific). When these audiences scroll through their Facebook feed, they will then be reengaged by your advert, reminding them of your event. You can also customize your adverts for different groups of audience based on their traits!

Instagram: Retargeting Ads

An example of an Instagram ad from olapic

Acquired by Facebook, Instagram shares the same pixel to collect information as the former. As long as you own a Facebook Ads account and have linked your Instagram to it, you can use to Facebook pixel to track who has accessed your website, set up a custom target audience, and launch an Instagram campaign to remarket your event to these audiences. With over 300 million global users, Instagram can be a powerful tool to increase your conversion rate with its image-heavy interface.

Twitter: Tailored Audiences from Web

An example of Twitter's tailored retargeting tool

Twitter is another popular social media platform for remarketing, as it is short, sweet, and feels personal. If you have already used Twitter’s tag on your website for conversion tracking, activating remarketing is as simple as checking a box next to “Create a tailored audience for remarketing”. The function works by recording the browser cookies of visitors to your websites and matching it to Twitter users to show Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts. Performance data will also be available for you to track the performance of your remarketing.

Email: Mailing lists

Example of email remarketing from Nordstrom

Email remarketing is a simple and foolproof way to promote your events to your target audience who have previously attended similar events organized by your company. With GEVME’s Email Marketing feature, this can be done by compiling a mailing list from your previous events, and notifying attendees based on their preferences. Emails are also a great way to give potential customers who have added your tickets to cart but have not made the purchase a nudge and reminder to complete the purchase.

With interfaces implemented in social media platforms to ensure simple, affordable and effective remarketing, there’s no reason to overlook this efficient marketing tool. Studies have confirmed that remarketing results in a high ROI, as most customers tend to make the decision after being exposed to a brand or product more than once, or if targeted promotions are offered to encourage purchase. Remarketing through digital platforms also keeps your brand on the minds of your target audience. Recognizing the potential of remarketing, there are many third-party remarketing platforms available such as AdRoll, which allows you specific targeting and management options.

How are you remarketing to your target audience? Leave a comment and let us know!