Next-Generation Virtual Events

2020 was the year events were forced to move online.

In spite of the uncertainty, we had to take the leap.

We knew that more than ever, people needed to connect.

We have now adjusted to this new reality. Virtual events have become less daunting.

The barriers to entry are lower than they used to be. Anyone can dip their toes in this new format.

This had led to an onslaught of virtual events. The space has become saturated. 

The novelty has worn off. All virtual events look the same. Zoom fatigue certainly does not help.

People register for events online but do not show up. When they do, they are easily distracted.

Going virtual may feel like money and time going down the drain.

It is time for a new generation of virtual events to emerge.

We need to move past seeing virtual events as a stopgap and embrace the new possibilities that come with it.

It is time to create engaging virtual experiences that stand out.

Are you ready to take this new leap?

Here are the 10 principles of Next-Generation Virtual Events that will serve as a guide on your journey:


Next-generation virtual events are unique


Next-generation virtual events have great user experience and aesthetic


Next-generation virtual events are engaging and never boring


Next-generation virtual events are of broadcast TV quality


Next-generation virtual events engineer serendipity and networking


Next-generation virtual events are measurable


Next-generation virtual events are monetizable


Next-generation virtual events are valuable to sponsors


Next-generation virtual events are localised and accessible anytime, anywhere


Next-generation virtual events forge communities

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Next-Generation Virtual Events

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10 Principles of Next-Generation Virtual Events