Understanding Generative AI’s Influence on Business Events. 


Like the printing press, the telephone and the internet, AI is revolutionising how we function. 

We can fear it, we can ignore it, But we cannot run from it.

We prefer to run towards it.

AI can empower us to drive innovation and progress in our audiences, businesses, and careers. AI in the business events industry is just beginning. 

Project SPARK is a joint research initiative by PCMA and Gevme. By joining you’ll gain exclusive, hands-on access to AI tools that enhance your skills and expertise, rather than replace them

Project SPARK is your starting point to explore the challenge of adopting new AI technology that could enhance the power of human connections.

PCMA and Gevme

Project SPARK is a joint initiative by PCMA and Gevme. Under this initiative, the AI model will be tested for various practical applications within the scope of business events to understand its impact on workforce productivity.

Project Spark can help you with:

Content Generation

You can rely on this tool for any content-related task for your event, from building agendas to generating taglines, creating session polls, composing emails, and more.

Build Agenda

Create Event Description

Generate Event Taglines

Craft Session Description

Generate Session Q&A

Create Session Polls

Create Speaker Bio

Compose Email

Create LinkedIn Post

Craft Press Release


This tool will help you convert your video content into impactful quotes, blog post ideas, blog posts, LinkedIn posts and more.

Repurpose Video Content


Generate or review clauses and contracts with this tool by providing basic details.

Review Contract

Review Clause

Generate Clause


This tool is your perfect partner to brainstorm ideas with, generate event ideas and themes, and ideate activities with just a few clicks.

Generate Event Ideas

Ideate Networking Activities

Generate Event Theme

Create Personas

Get started with Project Spark

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