Virtual Experience Makers - Episode 02 featuring Karni Tomer

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Join us for Episode 02 of ‘Virtual Experience Makers’ about bringing creativity to the virtual world.


To learn about what makes great virtual events, we must look outside of our industry for inspiration. 

We will be speaking to folks from creative fields – the arts, food, travel, sports, fashion – who embraced virtual and the new possibilities that come with it. 

They didn’t see virtual as a limitation to express their craft. But instead look at all the new opportunities that it now enables them to express their creativity.

We will learn  from them how to bring creativity into the virtual world.


Episode 2: The Food Must Go On (featuring Karni Tomer)

From running a thriving business taking foreign visitors on her local food tours in Singapore, Israeli foodie, chef and entrepreneur Karni Tomer found her business annihilated by Covid. But her passion for food lived on; in fact, she became even more driven and determined to keep the show going. This is a story of creativity and business smarts as she went virtual, ran cooking classes and tours, became a host on platforms run by tech giants such as Airbnb and Viator and used the time of Covid to spread her brand far and wide with digital.

Hosted by: Yeoh Siew Hoon, Founder of WiT

Yeoh Siew Hoon is the founder of WIT - an events and media platform for media and tech. WIT has won several awards including Most Innovative Marketing Initiative and Trade Conference Of The Year from the Singapore Tourism Board and in 2014, Siew Hoon was recognised Tourism Entrepreneur of The Year. A journalist by profession and passion, she’s also a speaker and facilitator at events around the world as well as a published author.

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