UXSG Meetup #10

Thu, Dec 11, 2014 7:00 PM (GMT+8)
National Design Centre, Level 2 Auditorium 111 Middle Road, Level 2 Auditorium, Singapore 188969
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UXSG Meetup #10 - Incorporating UX into product development 

UXSG meetup is a bi-monthly event where people from different fields are invited to share their personal design stories, journeys, project case studies and/or best practices. It's about learning and growing together as a group, taking and giving back to the community.

This is UXSG's 10th meetup and this month's theme is Incorporating UX into product development, and we have two speakers to share their knowledge about how UX can be incorporated to develop a product. The two topics are:
  • The MUDD Model - Marrying UX, Design and Development
  • UX Library - There will be a short workshop activity to understand and learn about your common needs, challenges and goals you hope to achieve with a UX Library.
We are glad to have the DesignSingapore Council as a Supporter for the event and the National Design Centre as our Host Venue.
We only have 110 seats available for this event, so hurry up and register if you're interested! 
In addition to this event, we are conducting 

Bring Your Own Food! 

Bring your own food to the event! As it is an evening event, we would like to recommend you to bring your own food and drinks. You can share them with others if you would like to. It is a way to network and communicate with other participants too!

Suggestions on types of food (Halal options):
  1. Easy to eat (Small bites) such as: 
    • Old Chang Kee
      • Bugis Junction, Level B1-13
    • Polar Puffs
      • Bugis Junction, Level B1-K8
    • Yakun
      • Bugis Junction, Level B1-11
    • Chewy Junior
      • Bugis Junction, Level B1-12

About The MUDD Model (one of the most popular lightning talks in UXSG conference 2014)

With the shift towards Agile practices happening over the last decade or so in the software development landscape, UX practitioners and designers have been facing the challenge of ensuring that the products being developed are still designed with the user in mind.

Having been working on our own product for the last couple of years, and having adopted an Agile framework relatively recently, we ourselves have been feeling and experiencing these challenges. Thus, we decided to take a step back to reflect on the road travelled since the start, in order to see what has been working, what has not, and what is it that we could (or needed) to do to adapt and improve our processes at places where these were failing. At the same time, and a bit for fun, we decided to formalise our review into a model (or philosophy) which we called MUDD (Marrying UX, Design and Development).

This presentation is an account of what MUDD is, what its principles are, and how it has helped us in keeping UX and Design in the driver's seat in our Agile product development process. Through the presentation, we intend to share our learnings and experience on the topic, as well as opening up the dialogue on the interesting intersection and forever evolving relationship between design and development.

About the UX Library 

There has been some talk about creating a platform to help our local practitioners to gain and exchange knowledge with each other. One of the ways is to facilitate book exchanges or sharing the essence of book learnings. We have given it some thought and would like to share our initial concept of a "UX Library" with attendees to validate if there is a possibility of a minimal viable product (MVP). A small workshop exercise may be conducted to understand your needs and the outcomes you hope to achieve if this idea comes into fruition.


Speakers & their Topic

Join us to meet our speakers:

Speaker #1 - The MUDD Model - Marrying UX, Design and Development

JonathanJonathan Easton I Creative Director of GlobalSign

Jonathan graduated from Curtin University of Technology in Australia in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts (Design) (First Class Honours). He was a Curtin University International Scholar. During his studies at Curtin University, he was on the prestigious Vice Chancellor’s List.

Prior to joining GlobalSign.In (GS), Jonathan, was a lecturer in Multimedia Design for Curtin University. And ever since Jonathan has joined GSI, he has been pretty much the driving force behind the company’s design works, winning GSI multiple awards for websites and digital works that have been created over time.

Today, Jonathan is GSI’s Creative Director, and he leads and drives the UX / design team. Having worked with many types of clients, ranging from Government agencies, ministries, MNCs to Art Galleries, Jonathan is very versatile in his design choices. He has got the rare talent of being able to create very corporate, but yet stylish designs and on the other extreme very abstract digital creations.


Speaker #2 - UX Library

Raven ChaiRaven Chai I Founder of UX Consulting & UXSG

Raven Chai is the principal at UX Consulting, has over 15 years experience as a technologist, designer and user experience practitioner . He has been the lead design consultant for SingTel since 2008 and is instrumental in creating user-centric design culture into the organisation, translating SingTel’s business vision into actionable roadmaps and building an internal UX team.

He has been involved in more than 100 projects across various industries and of different products – eServices, course program site, large corporate websites, eCommerce, lifestyle, B2B portals and TV apps. He has also founded a local UX Community, UX Singapore as a platform for UX professionals, designers, developers and business owners to share knowledge and connect people within the industry. Raven holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science, major in Human-Computer Interaction and Visualisation from University of Queensland.


DesignSingapore Council image

We are glad to have The DesignSingapore Council as the Supporter of our event.

The vision of the DesignSingapore Council is for design to differentiate Singapore from global competition. As the national agency for design, the Council’s mission is to develop the design sector, and to help Singapore use design for innovation and growth, as well as to make life better. The DesignSingapore Council is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information.

More information about the DesignSingapore Council is available at www.designsingapore.org.



National Design Centre 

We are glad to have the National Design Centre as our Host Venue.

The National Design Centre (NDC) is the nexus for all things design. This is where designers and businesses congregate to exchange ideas, conduct business, use its facilities and obtain assistance from the national agency for design, the DesignSingapore Council. Centrally located in the arts, cultural, learning and entertainment district in the Bras Basah-Bugis area, it is well placed to invite the public to learn about design through its exhibitions and programmes.

More information about the National Design Centre is available at www.designsingapore.org/NDC



  • Circle Line – Bras Basah station (a 5-minute walk to the centre, take Exit A) 
  • East-West Line – Bugis station (a 5-minute walk to the centre, take Exit C)

By Bus

  • Middle Road (Midlink Plaza): SBS Transit 56 and SMRT 980 
  • Victoria Street (St Joseph’s Church): SBS Transit 130, 133, 145, 197 and SMRT 851, 960, NR7 
  • Victoria Street (Bras Basah Complex): SBS Transit 2, 12, 33, 130, 133 and SMRT 960, NR7  
  • North Bridge Road (Cosmic Insurance Building): SBS Transit 7, 32, 51, 61, 63, 80, 145, 175, 197 and SMRT 851

Parking is available at the following car parks near the centre, along: 

  • Queen Street: Public and HDB car parks 
  • Middle Road: InterContinental Singapore Hotel and Bugis Junction car park 
  • Victoria Street: National Library Building and Bugis+ car park


UXSG Meetup #10

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