17 - 18 May, 2018
MARINA MANDARIN SINGAPORE 6 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039594

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You may register for Day 1 (a BT event supported by Canon) or Day 2 (a Canon open event); or both days.  See respective synopses below:

Day 1, MAY 17

Getting the better of the unknown 
The most common challenge faced by businesses today is not knowing what's around the bend. From socio-political developments to regulatory implications, rising costs to disruption, they are beyond your control.  But you can minimise the risk... if you know enough to make the right decisions.  Hear the experts share how to steer your business intelligently through the fog of uncertainties. 

8:30 AM

9:00 AM
9:05 AM
The SME of the Times
by Inderjit Singh, enterprise champion, Co-President of World Entrepreneurship Forum, ex-Member of Parliament
Why there is much to gain by rising above structures, regulations and conditions and make things happen yourselves 
9:25 AM
Responding to an Uncertain Market
by Prof Boh Wai Fong, ACI Fellow and Head, Division of Information Technology and Operations Management, Nanyang Business School, NTU
What strategies businesses can adopt to continuously innovate and spot business opportunities in an uncertain environment  

9:45 AM 
The Cost of Being Competitive
by Prof Tan Khee Giap, Co-Director, Asia Competitiveness Institute, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS
How cost dynamics, including the GST hike, will impact business competitiveness  
10:05 AM
Tea Break

10:40 AM
Competing against Corporations
by Eric Lam, CEO Amdon Consulting
When the going gets tough, the small gets going: How to compete and grow in a market dominated by the big boys 
11:00 AM
Panel discussion: Separating fake news from the real deal in Business Intelligence
 moderated by Jacky Tai, brand strategist and author


Day 2, MAY 18

A Canon Event

8:30 AM

9:00 AM
Welcome by Canon

9:05 AM
Business Model Innovation: Navigating The Business Cyclone Of Uncertainties 
by Dr. Michael Teng, CEO, Singapore Innovation and Productivity Centre
Businesses are going through the cyclone of uncertainties.  The early signs of a global economic recovery since the great recession in 2008 appear to be threatened with global trade wars sparked off by President Donald Trump, growing protectionism sentiments and potential socio-political conflicts. If companies do not know how to navigate through the complexity and confusion of the business landscape, the risk is that they will collapse very soon. However, this is also the best of times for many companies with the pervasiveness of new technology.  It has birthed and enabled many disruptive innovative business models such as Uber and AirBnB.  How did these companies mushroom from nowhere to become global leaders within such a short time? It is the application and implementation of Business Model Innovation. This talk will share how companies can implement business model innovation to navigate through the treacherous and uncertain cyclone.

9:55 AM
Aligning With Innovation And Disruption
by Mr Au Yang Sian, Supply Chain Director, Ferrero Asia Pacific Private Limited
Ferrero’s Brands have always focus on having the highest standard quality and innovation that has created some of the most well-known and appreciated products among consumers around the world. Times have changed but the Job-to- be-done remains the same despite the evolution of technology.  Organizations should embrace technology to help them innovate to remain competitive in the market place particularly in areas of sustaining innovation, low-end disruptive innovation and new-market disruptive innovation like what we have seen in areas for mobile phone, music and the banking sectors.
Companies need to understand that customers do not really buy a product but they are hiring a product/ service to help them get a job done. Once a company is able to identify that, it would enable the company to design product and solution for the right market and customers.

10:15 AM
In The Face Of Uncertainty : Rely On Your Brand.  Using Sensory Omni-Channel Digital Marketing To Optimise Your Business In Today’s Web 3.0
by Mr Nick Goh, Chief Executive Officer, YP Digital, Yellow Pages Pte Ltd
Many companies are grappling how to use digital.   The root cause of this problem is not about the “how to” but rather the “why”.  Why do you want to use digital? Why would digital benefit your bottom line?  Why would a sensory omni-channel digital marketing approach help your business in today’s web 3.0 driven economy?  If you can only attend one talk every month on digital marketing and you have an open mind then this talk is for you.

10:35 AM
Tea Break

11:00 AM
Grit And Passion To Reach Your Goals 
by Ms Yip Pin Xiu, 3-times Paralympian and Singapore’s first Paralympic Gold medallist


Growing up with a disability, Pin Xiu did not let anything stop her from reaching her goals and going beyond expectations. Currently a world record holder and a 3 time gold medal Paralympian, Pin Xiu is one of Singapore"s most bemedalled athletes. Pin Xiu will be sharing her story.; specifically her journey to get to where she is, challenges faced along the way, how she overcame these challenges and strategies used to get to the top. Goal setting and a few other mental skills were key to her success. 

11:45 AM
Simplifying Healthcare
by Dr. Low Lee Yong, CEO & Founder, MHC Asia Group Pte Ltd
A look at the healthcare system reveals how fragmented and disconnected it is. There are multiple organisations and individuals interacting with one another; each having their own goals, agendas, platforms and internal requirements for gatekeeping and accountability. Amidst all that, stakeholder' ultimate aim is to be able to offer quality healthcare while managing costs. In this talk, Dr Low will touch on the following:
- How MHC has helped simplify healthcare for 24 years since 1994
- Using Big Data analytics to detect medical anomalies and fraudulent claims
- The future of healthcare and its implications

12:30 PM  End


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