The Rise of the Digital Event Manager

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The Rise of the Digital Event Manager


For the first time ever, the only way to organise an event is digital. We have been talking about virtual/online/hybrid events for many years now. Today, we see the switch in the event industry. Events are currently going all-digital and we believe that this period will shape events of the future, enforcing event organisers to apply a hybrid approach as a new standard. These changes have created a void in the industry - the need for a Digital Event Manager.

Running events online requires a whole lot of new skills and a blend of various skills. During our webinar, you will learn more about the new role - Digital Event Managers. 

Our agenda:

  • What is a Digital Event Manager (DEM)

  • What are the responsibilities of a DEM

  • What skills does a DEM need

  • How is a DEM different from a traditional Event Manager

  • Where to find a DEM

  • Guest speakers

  • Questions


Webinar on-demand. Registration is required.

About the guest speakers:

Megan Piedal
Director of Event Marketing at VentureBeat
Megan is an experienced marketing and events professional, having led large scale conferences, executive marketing programs, and now digital event experiences. Megan and the VentureBeat team are fresh off running their first-ever digital GamesBeat Summit, which featured over 120 speakers across 2 stages, 50 sessions, plus online networking and breakouts for gaming leaders. Having pivoted from an in-person executive event due to COVID-19, Megan says “Going digital can be a unique challenge for many companies, and the digital event manager is a new role and set of skills for many experienced event professionals.” Megan will share what she learned around organizing and scaling digital events, necessary skills, advice, and the future of the digital event manager role.

Katya E.
Director of Events at Product School

Katya is a mastermind behind 1000+ events, which the Product School team runs every year across multiple timezones on various platforms. This year Katya and her team are moving their annual series of product management conferences to digital. ProductCon Online will be happening at the end of May. The digital format is not new for the team, as they had been running online webinars and courses before the new circumstances came. Katya will share some insights on how a virtual summit is different from a live event.


About the host:

Pavvi Singh,
Regional Account Manager at GEVME
Pavvi comes with over 15 years of experience in event technology sales, training, client support and consultation primarily for clients based in USA, Singapore, Australia and UAE. He has a passion for uncovering the unique and compelling ways in which MICE professionals are using product or service and revel in knowing that he can help thousands of other people hear those stories. Pavvi loves inventing new, more powerful, innovative & profitable ways to increase engagement and networking at an event.

This webinar is part of our Digital Events Series’ where we tell you everything that you need to know about digital events. In each episode, we also invite a guest speaker to share their experiences and insights with us.

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