8 - 9 Apr, 2016
The Ballroom Marina Bay Sands Singapore

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If you are a Marketer, you would probably know the AIDA model (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) but have you heard of the AIDAR model with an “R”? 
Join us as we look at how the AIDAR model is applied to Events, to create a seamless engagement process, drive event registrations and ultimately, create a seamless user experience, both for users and attendees, all these while conforming to strict data policy and security guidelines.

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Time Description
 8.30 – 9.00
 Registration of Guests and Breakfast
 9.00 – 9.45  
 Applying the AIDAR model to Events
 Speaker: Damon Wee, CMO, GlobalSign.in
 9.45 - 10.00
 On-Site Event Experience - Creating seamless check-in  process, wirelessly
 Speaker: Eugene Yang, Head of Digital, GlobalSign.in
 10.00 – 10.15  
 The Future of Events - How iBeacons can power the next  generation of event interaction
 Speaker: Veemal Gungadin, CEO, GlobalSign.in
 10.15 – 10.45  
 Questions and Answers
 On-Site Demo


Applying the AIDAR Model to Events

As event attendees gets more exposed to choices of events to attend, driving user registration is proving to be a tall order for Event Marketers. Personalisation and segmentation has become key in driving relevancy to create a closer engagement of potential attendees. Join Damon, as he shares how the AIDAR model can be applied to events, and how personalisation can drive conversion rates of beyond 50%. 

On-Site Event Experience - Creating seamless check-in process wirelessly

Still facing long queues for your event due to the manual process of user checking in to events? Or having to set up 10 laptops just to ensure each is wired up to a physical printer? Wireless is the new buzzword for event check-in. Join Eugene as he shares how wireless technology can power the event check-in process, as well as wireless badge printing to enable printing-on-the-go 

Future of Events - How iBeacons can power the next generation of event interaction

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is probably one of the first events globally to adopt the iBeacon for a physical event in 2014. The beauty is that you need not make the trip across the globe to learn more about iBeacon. Join Veemal as he explains how the concept of iBeacon can work in Events. 

On-Site Demonstration
There will be an on-site demonstration of how events data can be easily managed, segmented and linked to an on-site event check-in experience, with real-time reporting of event attendance and event attendees profile. 



 Veemal Gungadin is the Chief Executive Officer of GlobalSign.in Pte Ltd  (GSI). Having been in the Event Software industry for more than 6 years and  with vast experience supporting world class events such as  Singapore  International Water Week (SIWW), Singapore International Energy Week  (SIEW) and Forbes Global CEO Conference, Veemal will share his experience on what are the trends in terms of online security and risks to look for when looking to secure your events data. 

Damon is the Chief Marketing Officer of GlobalSign.in and has won  numerous awards at individual, team and industry level. With vast experience  in Digital Marketing and with a keen interest in Analytics and optimising  conversions, Damon will share his experience in driving relevant campaigns  using the AIDAR model to ultimately drive event registration. 

Eugene is the Head of Digital at GlobalSign.in, and brings with him almost 10 years of experience in the digital landscape, having worked in various roles in both local and European-based digital agencies. Having managed large-scale events on-site in Singapore and Vietnam, Eugene will share his experience in driving on-site engagement and how wireless technology can help to power the event experience. 

About the Organiser

This event is organised by GlobalSign.in (GSI), an award-winning technological company based in Singapore. Founded since 2006, GSI has supported numerous government and enterprise events with a comprehensive suite of Event Management Solutions. GEVME is the latest cloud-based technological innovation brought to you by GSI, built from the ground-up based on a mobile-first, anytime, anywhere approach. 

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