Test Conference

1 - 3 Jun, 2016
Jurong Hotel 1 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim Singapore
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For K-12 Practitioner

  • Participant who wish to register as Practitioner(K-12 Teacher) must attach proof of practitioner status in form of a valid staff card/certifying letter from school with information about the institution upon registration for the conference. To check whether you qualify for this track, kindly email us at icls2016@nie.edu.sg.

  • If you are presenting papers in the main conference, you are not eligible for this track.

  • Please note that there will not be any refund if you register in the wrong track.

Warning: Some  workshops  organizers require an application or advance submissions. These requirements may have their own deadlines. Please read information for each workshop carefully. Information can be found at this workshop website . Please make sure that you apply for the workshop and secure the agreement of the organizers before paying for it. 

If you signup and pay for these workshop without prior approval, an administrative charge of s$60 will be levied during the refund process

Test Conference

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This event is over. For more information, please contact the organiser