Singapore Talent & Recruitment Show

1 - 2 Mar, 2017

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Singapore Talent & Recruitment Show is a 2- day event featuring 35 + speakers, x2 conference streams and a masterclass has been designed to equip HR professionals with the latest strategies and ideas that will enable them to attract, recruit and develop the Workforce for the New Economy.

Why Attend?

The conference Program has been designed to provide you with insights key Talent Management and Recruitment strategies such as:
  • Retaining and engaging employees to increase loyalty, reduce turnover and drive engagement
  • Identifying and developing high potentials to create and grow your internal talent pools
  • Creating a mobile workforce effectively to globalise your talent pipeline, build agility and gain competitiveness
  • Overcoming the talent shortage to decrease time to fill and meet business needs
  • Leveraging social media and analytics to optimise the recruitment process and build a strong employer brand
  • Driving diversity and inclusion, and capitalising demographic strengths in a globalised and ageing workforce
This event is over. For more information, please contact the organiser