Stewardship Commons 2019

Thu, 6 Jun, 2019, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM (GMT+8)

Marina Bay Sands Singapore


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The life on Earth that we desire for today and tomorrow fundamentally depends on clean air and water, biodiversity, healthy land and oceans, and a stable climate. These are the global commons: the shared resources that ensure a planet where we can all thrive.

This session will mobilize leadership for urgent transformation of economic sectors that is needed to safeguard our global commons, and introduce science-based targets as a business-focused driver for innovation and action.

Participants will discuss the concrete roles that businesses and investors can play in solving sustainable development challenges, and the opportunities for collaboration with stakeholders. 

This session is designed to be highly interactive and focused on action, in such a way that all participants will be deeply engaged throughout the session. In addition to expert input, the workshop provides ample opportunities for peer-to-peer exchange.

This session is organized by Stewardship Asia Centre and the Global Commons Alliance; a network of organizations, businesses and governments aiming to ensure our planet remains habitable. The Alliance brings together leadership, technology, science, innovation, and communication to positively transform the world’s economic systems and protect the global commons.

  • Create a shared vision for the transformation of business and economic systems that we need for the stewardship of the global commons;
  • Identify action needed to rapidly accelerate transformation;
  • Grow the Global Commons Alliance, including encouraging Asia business leaders to commit to adopting science-based targets.
Key Contributors
  • Patrick Frick, Co-Founder, The Value Web
  • Ong Boon Hwee, CEO, Stewardship Asia Centre
  • Naoko Ishii, Chairperson and CEO, Global Environment Facility
  • Sunny Verghese, Co-Founder & Group CEO, Olam International
  • Peng Gong, Professor & Chair, Department of Earth System Science & Dean,  School of Science, Tsinghua University
  • Kevin Moss, Global Director, Center for Sustainable Business, World Resources Institute & Chair, Science-based Targets Network
  • Will Steffen, Councillor, Climate Council

Workshop Agenda
Date: 6 June 2019
Duration: 2.00pm – 5.20pm
Location: Orchid Junior Room, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956
Overview Session Structure
 2:00pmSeating & Welcome 
 2:05pmThe Nexus: Stewardship, Governance & Sustainability
The concepts of Governance and Sustainability intersect with Stewardship from an organizational management standpoint. Understanding the relationship and nexus of these knowledge spheres in the evolving landscape of stewardship is critical to identifying and measuring purposeful action to maximize impactful change.
 2:35pmFraming: The need for systems change and private sector leadership
A call for leadership and private sector engagement in driving the needed transformational change of our key economic systems.
 3:00pmNetworking break
 3:20pmRoadmap for action: Planetary boundaries & science-based targets for companies
Introduction to the latest science about the environmental boundary conditions that are essential to maintaining a habitable and prosperous planet and introduction to the science-based targets setting mechanism as a concrete way for companies to take action.
  • Peng Gong, Professor and Chair, Department of Earth System Science & Dean, School of Science, Tsinghua University
  • Kevin Moss, Global Director, Sustainable Business, World Resources Institute & Chair, Science-based Targets Network
 3:40pmBusiness risks and opportunities to operate within environmental boundaries
Business sector-focused discussion groups assess environmental risks and translate these into opportunities for business innovation and transformation.
 4:30pmSynthesis: Stewardship agenda
Moderated conversation drawing key conclusions from the various discussion groups to create forward momentum and commitment towards a Stewardship agenda for the global commons.
 5:10pmClosing: Driving action
Participants will learn about ways to engage with the Global Commons Alliance and Stewardship Asia Centre beyond this workshop.
*Participation is by invitation only
*Programme updated as of 30 May 2019
*Programme is subject to change


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