Starbucks Reserve Coffee Seminar

Sat, 10 Sep, 2016, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (GMT+8)
Starbucks Capital Tower 168 Robinson Road #01-01/02 Capital Tower Singapore 068912

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At Starbucks we relentlessly search the world for the best coffees to create truly one of a kind experiences. Every so often, we find something special in the most unlikely places—something we can't wait to bring home and share.

For these unique, small-lot coffees, we created Starbucks Reserve®, an ongoing series of our rarest and most exotic coffees. Join us as on a journey of discovering these rare and distinctive beans and learn more about each coffee's inherent flavor qualities.

On 10th September, discover exceptional Starbucks Reserve® coffee from Malawi Sable Farms and Burundi Procasta. Experience the evolution of its flavors through the Chemex and French Press brewing process and learn about the story behind each coffee.


Every coffee bean starts its life as the seed of the coffee cherry. How this fruit is removed from around the bean – called processing – has a direct impact on a coffee’s flavor. Find out how Malawi Sable Farm’s unique coffee processing method adds to its overall flavor. Taste the delicate citrusy notes with hints of cranberry and a creamy chocolatey finish.

Another factor that affects a coffee’s flavour is its growing area. Coffee, like wine grapes, gets much of its flavour from the specific growing conditions of each producing region. Savor a taste of Burundi Procasta’s growing region with its distinctive floral black-tea aromas, bright lemony acidity and cardamom spice notes. 


Attendees will be treated to a 90-minute tasting experience with our resident Coffee Masters and a Starbucks goodie bag. 
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