Starbucks Reserve Coffee Seminar

Sat, 17 Oct, 2015, 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (GMT+8)
Starbucks Fullerton Waterboat House 3 Fullerton Road, #02-01/02/03, Fullerton Waterboat House Singapore 049215

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At Starbucks, our passion for coffee is rivalled only by our love of sharing it. Join us this season as we bring you our finest coffees from all corners of the world.

On 17th October, discover exceptional Starbucks Reserve® coffee from Peru and Bali. Experience the evolution of its flavors through the Chemex and French Press brewing process. From aromatic floral notes with hints of chocolate to flavors of sweet lemon and burnt caramel, be amazed by the complexity of these extraordinary and rare coffee beans.

Every attendee will be treated to a 90 minute sensory experience with our resident Coffee Masters and a Starbucks goodie bag*. 

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