Singapore Gifts Show 2017

12 - 14 Jul, 2017
Singapore Singapore
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How big is the gifts industry? How do we define the gifts industry? The gifts industry encompasses all kind of souvenirs, mementoes, corporate gifts, premium gifts and general gifts. A parent buys a condominium for his children as a gift, or a car as a birthday gift – isn’t this part of the gift industry? It depends on how you package the event –like in a lucky draw the top prize can be a pair of air tickets – isn’t this also a category in the gifts industry. This is the size of the gifts industry – unlimited opportunities and dependent on the entrepreneurs to create or value-add existing products and package them to present them in a new vibrant and exciting product. In Singapore, there is not much recognition of this industry because probably there is no statistics to show the size and potentials. But if you look at the retail businesses outlets, on-line sales and gifts sold at touristic places, etc , and see sales transacted would you still doubt the gifts industry ?
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