Science Café 2024

Amphitheatre, Science Centre Singapore

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Science Café is a monthly informal dinner event where speakers from diverse disciplines present their take on a particular subject. More information is available at

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What Did I Come Here For, Again?

Does the idea of growing older frighten you? Perhaps what we fear most is losing control of ourselves – getting weaker physically and losing our mental faculties.

On an individual level, adopting new technology into one’s usual habits can be uninviting.

Technology developers must understand how senior users learn and form habits, to create user-friendly equipment.

From a community-building perspective, taking the effort to understand seniors not only helps them feel included, but also trains younger folks to be more receptive of other perspectives. On the flip side, seniors can still take an active role in a community and impart their experiences to willing ears.

Come join us in this Science Café session and learn how we can support our seniors!

Buffet dinner will be served.
Ages 18 and above only.

6:30 pmBuffet Dinner and Exhibition Tours
7:30 pmHealth and Wellness: Beyond the frontier of Tech and Innovation

Kelvin Tan
7:50 pmPortraying Dementia in Children’s Comics

Melanie Lee
8:10 pmAgeing with Poise

Sen Chung
8:30 pmQ&A and Discussion
9:00 pmEnd