24 - 28 Oct, 2016
Marina Bay Sands, Sand Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore 10 Bayfront Avenue Singapore 018956

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  Chairperson’s message
  General Chair of PVSEC-26
  Prof Armin ABERLE
  Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)
  National University of Singapore

Dear solar colleagues and friends,

The 26th edition of the International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (“PVSEC-26”) will be held in Singapore from 24 to 28 October 2016. On behalf of the Organising Committee, it is my great pleasure to invite you to participate in PVSEC-26, which will be the largest and most comprehensive PV conference to take place in Asia-Pacific in 2016.

PVSEC-26 will provide an excellent platform for the world’s photovoltaic scientists and engineers to showcase and share the latest developments in solar PV technologies. The conference programme encompasses the full range of PV topics, including the fabrication, characterisation and simulation of PV materials, cells, modules and systems, the testbedding and reliability of PV systems, as well as smart grids, to name a few. The Conference features invited and contributed talks as well as poster sessions and panel discussions. The invited speakers are globally recognised experts in the respective fields.

This is the first time the PVSEC conference series is coming to Singapore, a green and clean city-state in the tropical heart of Southeast Asia famous for its fusion of the Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures, as well as its glossy hotels, casinos, shops, hotels and restaurants. The conference venue is the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre in downtown Singapore, ensuring world-class conference facilities and short commuting times to hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and parks. PVSEC-26 will run concurrently with the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW), which is an annual week-long platform for energy professionals, policymakers and commentators to discuss and share best practices and solutions within the global energy space.

The cost of solar photovoltaic electricity is being reduced at a breath-taking pace, making solar power cost-effective in more and more countries, including Singapore. The "Garden City" has invested heavily in recent years in photovoltaics, leading to sizeable manufacturing and R&D facilities, including a national solar energy research institute (SERIS). Singapore has also established a national Solar Photovoltaic Roadmap and is on track to host PV systems with a peak capacity of several hundred Megawatts by 2020, driven by both the public and private sectors.

PVSEC-26 is poised to further accelerate the deployment of PV systems in Southeast Asia and beyond. Please attend PVSEC-26 in Singapore in October 2016 and contribute to the ongoing global success of photovoltaics.

With sunny regards,

Armin ABERLE (SERIS, National University of Singapore)
General Chair of PVSEC-26
10 February 2015

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