NUS x NUSS: DTK1234-E: Design Thinking

1 Mar - 19 May, 2023

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Overview DTK1234-E
For the first time, NUSS is pleased to collaborate with NUS' Division of Industrial Design to offer its flagship Design Thinking Module (DTK1234) to NUSS members. DTK1234-E is a module variant specially developed for NUSS, which uses content from DTK1234's Individual Learning Activities.

The learning objectives of this module include ideation and reframing, empathy, iterative prototyping, authentic evaluation, and the understanding of design values.
  • Use of design principles to develop creativity to solve problems and encourage new possibilities with a people-centred approach.
  • Discover tools and mindsets through practical activities that guide in navigating ambiguity in a creative process
  • Observe and learn from others in unfamiliar contexts, and generate and experiment with ideas quickly.
  • Value the impact of how design affords people the opportunities and privileges to shape the world that we all live in

Registration Period
Ongoing till 12 May 2023

Course Information 
Duration: 1 March to 19 May 2023
Venue: Online
Fees: FREE
Requirements: No pre-requisite(s) required

Learning Outcomes:
  • To understand the significant role of design in shaping everyday life.
  • To identify the design thinking process as a human-centric innovation process driven by creativity and appreciate how it works as an iterative cycle.
  • To find root issues and reframe problems to generate alternatives, multiple entry points with ideas.
  • To approach a problem from a user’s point of view, and develop empathy towards the complexity of human needs and contexts. 
  • To grasp the significance of making prototypes as an iterative and reflective process.
  • To evaluate their prototypes in context, observe user behavior, and devise an action plan for improvement.
  • Identify what a well-designed product means in a design perspective.
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