Myanmar Training & Development Exhibition (MTDE) 2016

14 - 16 Jul, 2016
Myanmar Yangon
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Developing Myanmar’s human capital sector & its subsector is key to the country’s economic development as the government recognized the needs to train and develop its future workforce. The government has made reform of the entire higher education system a priority, recognizing the important role of human capital to the country’s economic development goals. Myanmar Training Development Expo - a comprehensive platform that showcase the industry’s best ideas and solutions to meet the growing education, training & development demands, to improve on labor productivity from the workforce in Myanmar. Targeted (not limited to) broadly at policy makers, HR practitioners, service providers and business decision makers, MTDE2016 aims to showcase a wide spectrum of products and services that focus on training, development and education aspects of learning across all ages in the two growth industries – Retail and Tourism & Travel.
This event is supported under International Marketing Activities Programme (iMAP). For more details of the event, please contact the organiser

Myanmar Training & Development Exhibition (MTDE) 2016

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