The Economic Costs of Mistrust: Asian Patterns Of Success And Failure

Thu, May 15, 2014 6:00 PM (GMT+8)
The HEAD Foundation 20 Upper Circular Road #02-21 The Riverwalk Singapore 058416

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Many analysts look at societies and study their success and failure by considering mainly the tangible factors that are easy to see. There is a danger here of missing a key ingredient because it is hard to measure. This ingredient is trust, or social capital. In ways that are subtle and invisible it reduces the costs of transactions, and raises overall efficiency. This lecture considers how trust and mistrust work in Asia to shape the different economies. 

Professor Gordon Redding, co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Asian Business Systems, examines several explanations for this and the common denominators proposed in success or failure. 

This free lecture is presented by the HEAD Foundation, a Singapore-based think-tank devoted to research and policy advice in the fields of higher education and societal development in Asia. 

The HEAD Foundation welcomes all who are interested in its fields of enquiry and policy.

The Economic Costs of Mistrust: Asian Patterns Of Success And Failure

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