2 Mar - 30 Jun, 2015

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Important Notes
  1. The Nominator can nominate multiple Nominees.
  2. The Nominator should seek consent from the Nominee(s) before submitting the online form.
  3. The Prize Secretariat has the right to verify with the Nominee(s) whether consent has been sought for the nomination to be valid.
  4. The Nominator has to submit a citation as part of the online submission.
  5. The deadline of the online submission is 30 June 2015, Tuesday, 6pm (+8 GMT). Please note that the submission has to be completed once you proceed. You will not be able to save your submission and come back to it later. Once the nomination is submitted, it cannot be edited further.
Please ensure that you have the following details before you proceed.
1) Information for Nomination
  • Name of Nominee(s)
  • Contact information (phone, mobile, fax, email and mailing addresses) for both nominators and nominee(s)
2) A softcopy of the citation document for uploading. Please download the template here

3) A softcopy of the Nominee's CV with photo (individual) or prospectus/write-up (organisation) for uploading.


Event Venue

This event is over. For more information, please contact the organiser