Achieving a Breakthrough in Personal Excellence & Leadership

Mon, 25 May, 2015, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (GMT+4)
TBC Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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A day with the best selling author and leadership guru Prof. Srikumar Rao live in Dubai for the first time ever!
Subject :

Dr. Srikumar Rao’s one-day-workshop has the potential to change your understanding and behaviour radically towards leadership. You will receive a philosophical and pragmatic leadership model, which will increase your personal effectiveness, reduce your level of stress and will raise the quality of relationships with your bosses, peers, employees and clients to a new level. In an unconventional way, you will learn how to discover more meaning for yourself, how to be fulfilled with your work as a leader and inspire your environment. 

Session 1 9.00 – 10.30

Building Blocks of Creativity and Personal Mastery

  • Unconventional strategies and tools for more meaning, motivation, creativity, psychological resilience and a deep contentment at your work place and in leadership

  • Which mechanisms of thinking lead to more happiness or unhappiness and how to gradually stop or increase this

  • Methods of how to effectively deal with uncertainty, change and high complexity in everyday leadership 

Session 2 11.00 – 12.30

Mental Models and Crafting Alternative Realities

  • How “mental models” form our reality, without us being aware of this

  • How to find your inner power and inspire people with your passion

  • Which mental models lead to more confidence and tolerance for ambiguity

  • How to create more useful realities for yourself and come out of difficult situation stronger than ever before. 

Session 3 13.30 – 15.00

The Mindset of Hyper-Effective Leaders

  • Inner clarity about one’s own motives, a deeply inspirational vision, distinctive serenity and also challenging personal goals as success factors for leadership mastery

  • Your image of humanity put to the test: How to create a highly motivated and appreciated work environment

  • Lead your employees to their top performances

  • How to avoid demotivation and which incentives help the employees to achieve happiness and top performances

Session 4 15.30 – 17.00

The Start of a Lifelong and Transformational Journey

How to keep the newly learnt strategies and tools and make them sustainable in your life and in everyday leadership · How to gradually reduce hindering moral ideals and thought patterns · Free yourself from mental strain · Process-based thinking vs. result-based thinking: How you will achieve the mental “shift” and draw contentment out of the current moment and reach your goal 
IvyCourse Visiting Faculty Profile

Dr. Srikumar Rao has helped thousands of executives all over the world to achieve quantum leaps in self management and leadership. The graduates of his best known course “Creativity and Personal Mastery” gave outstanding feedback. His course is known as one of the most effective trainings in leadership and self-management. It remains the only business school course in the world to have its own alumni association.The students learn to get in touch with their own purpose in life and to develop more serenity, inner peace, as well as a tremendous, personal resilience and self-efficacy.
He is a powerful speaker and his talks are hosted on many sites including and Thinkers 50 Interview. He has conducted workshops for and spoken before executives of Microsoft, Google, Merrill Lynch, IBM etc.
Key subjects

  • Achieve leadership mastery

     Inspiration, meaning and happiness at the workplace

  • Setting an example with resilience and serenity

​     High motivation despite unfavourable circumstances

  • Relationship quality of the highest standard  

     The correct image of humanity as the key to success

  • Grow despite uncertainty and complexity

      Strengthen your ambiguity tolerance and inner trust

  • Mindfulness and inner focus                          

      How to become much more effective and efficient
Your benefit

  • You will see how executives explore their inner motives and discover their passions.

  • You will learn how to make quantum leaps in your development instead of slowly climbing step by step.

  • You will know how to reduce your level of stress radically and develop an unswerving serenity.

  • You will understand how to significantly improve your relationships with bosses, peers, employees and clients.

  • You will learn how to deal with uncertainty and complexity and increase your leadership effectiveness. 

Executives of middle and top management of every branch, who want to explore the new dimensions of self and leadership effectiveness.
You will not only profit from the input from Dr. Rao, but also from the experiences of the other participants, which will expand your relationship network

Achieving a Breakthrough in Personal Excellence & Leadership

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