International Business Fellowship Executive Programe: Leveraging e-Commerce and Sharing Economy Platforms in China

16 - 23 Jul, 2016
Shanghai & Beijing China
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The International Business Fellowship (iBF) Executive Programme on Leveraging E-commerce Platforms in China for Lifestyle and Information Services is jointly organised by IE Singapore and SCCCI

China e-commerce market has become the largest in the world, and the rise of the sharing economy with information about goods being shared via online marketplace, has marked the importance of e-commerce services in China. Singapore companies that are in the lifestyle and info services industries should take this opportunity to learn about how to create new economic value, gain insights into the development and trends of China O2O lifestyle services and shared economy.

Why should I participate? 

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Gain insights into the latest development, trends, innovative business model and application of e-commerce (E-Market Place, Online Media, Online Education, Online Travel) in China’s Lifestyle and Information Services
  • Find out how the shared economy is revolutionising established industries
  • Learn about new media marketing
  • Understand how traditional industries in China strategise and integrate
    e-commerce to drive business

Programme Highlights
  • Lessons will be conducted by academic professionals from Shanghai Jiao Tong University


  • Topics and case studies include:
- Internet+: The New Engine of China Economy Growth
- The Power of Mobile Lifestyle
- Development & Trends of China O2O Lifestyle Services and Shared Economy
- E-commerce Adoption and Key Implementation by Traditional Business
- New Media and ‘Word-of mouth’ Marketing
- Experience Sharing and Case Studies with E-commerce Service Providers


  • Site visits and sharing sessions with:
Soho 3Q (China largest prime office developers)
- Ctrip (携程, a leading provider of travel services)
- China Distance Education Holdings Limited(the largest online education provider in China, with 3,300,000 trainees in  2015)
- Didi (迪迪出行, the largest one-stop consumer transportation platform in the world, achieved 600,000 rides per day)
- Yonyou (用友, formerly known as 'UFIDA' , a leading enterprise management software and cloud service provider in Asia Pacific)


Who Should Participate

Senior executives from lifestyle, ICT, online education, media, and other lifestyle e-commerce industries as well as government officials

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