In-market Export Strategy Workshop (Food in Shanghai)

21 - 25 Jul, 2014
The Bund Hotel Shanghai China China

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The 5-day workshop is targeted at SMEs in the food manufacturing and food-related industries to address common issues and challenges that companies face when exporting overseas. The workshop will take on an in-market approach, focusing on China which is one of the key markets of interest among SMEs. Through the workshop, companies will understand China's business climate, local consumer behaviours, and business opportunities available. The workshop is intended to guide participants to develop their own unique export strategy or review their current strategies to export successfully to China.

-           Help companies to understand China’s overall business environment, food industry landscape, and China consumer behaviours
-           Help companies identify key challenges for exporting to China and/or doing business in China 
-           Help companies develop their own unique export strategy for successful exporting
-           Equip companies with the necessary skill sets to identify the most suitable market entry channel and partners to collaborate with, negotiate for the best deals, and make effective presentations to potential partners etc.
-           Visit related sites to gain market insights, learn best business practices in China, and uncover market opportunities.

Training venue
The Bund Hotel

Workshop Programme (tentative)


Morning (9am-1pm)

Afternoon (2-6pm)

21 Jul

iAdvisory Seminar

Site visit

22 Jul

Adapting products to local Chinese consumer preferences

Site visit

23 Jul

Understand branding, product differentiation and positioning, and presenting your products to the Chinese market

Site visit

24 Jul

Understand evaluation criteria for channels and partner selection

Site visit

25 Jul

Agreement negotiating skills in China

Site visit


With the exception of 21 July where participants will attend an iAdvisory seminar entitled “Riding on the rapid growth of ecommerce in China ”, the rest of the mornings (22-25 July) will be classroom-style training. The appointed trainers will go through 4 main modules (as stated in the above programme) where participants will learn through lectures, case studies, in-class exercises, group discussions, etc. The itinerary for site visits is pending confirmation and is expected to include China food companies, Singapore food companies with presence in Shanghai, supermarket outlets, and relevant agencies and associations.

Workshop fees
The workshop is SGD3,186 per participant. This is before the Productivity and Innovation Credit scheme (PIC) where businesses can enjoy 400% tax deductions/ allowances and/or 60% cash payout for investment in innovation and productivity improvements. The actual amount to be borne by companies after the 60% PIC cash payout is SGD1,274.40 per participant.

Airfare and Accomodation
Airfare and accommodation are not covered, but are eligible for IE’s Double Tax Deduction (DTD) scheme. IE can help to soft-book rooms at The Bund Hotel for convenience to workshop participants.

In-market Export Strategy Workshop (Food in Shanghai)

Event Venue

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