Ignite Your Life! - Nov. 2017

22 - 24 Sep, 2017
Heatherwood Middle School, Mill Creek 1419 Trillium Blvd SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012, United States

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Ignite Your Life!

Transfor FEAR into POWER

Dr. Jeff Alexander’s IGNITE has been raved about by thousands of people all over the world for many years. Graduates of this program urge their friends, "You've got to do this program!" Here's your chance to find out why everyone is calling this one of the greatest experiences of their lives.

IGNITE is a profound weekend experience, where participants actively learn the skills to transform the perception of fear into power. Fear can stop you dead in your tracks! Whether it is in business, relationships or personal development, fear can limit your choices and results in life. This program will dramatically shift your ego’s perception of confrontational situations.
Graduates report permanent body awareness with life-altering mental, emotional and physiological shifts! Many have called this their "Awakening Moment." You are able to stay centered and powerful during life challenges. This high state of awareness is accessible in every day life. IGNITE will show you how to access it.

You will step into an intensely alive state of presence that is free of time and the burden of compulsive negative thoughts. This program was first created over thirty years ago for law enforcement so they could make conscious choices during fearful states of mind. The impact was huge and now thousands of people from all walks of life have experienced IGNITE.
The program was created and is taught by founder of Ignite programs, Dr. Jeff Alexander.

What You Will Learn

At IGNITE, you will listen to a series of lectures and information, and then experience a progression of specially designed exercises/experiences as part of the powerful process. With the masterful guidance of Dr. Jeff Alexander, you will be able to integrate what you learn to a level of awareness for use in daily life. Every student has the opportunity to interact with Jeff and ask questions, share insights or receive guidance. All course materials are included.


Friday Registration: 6:30 PM—7:00 PM
Friday Session: 7:00 PM—10:30 PM
Saturday Session: 9:00 AM—9:00 PM
Sunday Session: 9:00 AM—3:30 PM

Fee Schedule

$97 per ticket

Ignite Your Life! - Nov. 2017

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