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1. Purpose

1.1 The FMRP NEC is intended to provide an update on the key changes to the Blue Book and FX Global Code. 

2. Target Audience
The FMRP NEC is applicable to Individuals who have passed the FMRP Exam before 29 June 2018 or who were exempted from the FMRP Exam at the time of introduction of the FMRP in 2012, and continue to be engaged in the wholesale financial markets in Singapore.

3. Structure
3.1 The FMRP NEC comprises of:
An interactive quiz with 35 questions which is delivered to individuals through the Learn@IBF Mobile App. This quiz will focus on the changes made to the Blue Book, including the relevant principles from the Global Code which have been incorporated as part of the Blue Book; and
(ii) An e-copy of the revised FMRP Study Guide as recommended reading.

3.2 Individuals must complete each quiz question before they are allowed to proceed to the next question. There are no features for individuals to amend their submitted answers. Live feedback will be provided immediately after each question is answered.

4. Duration
The FMRP NEC will be available from 2 July 2018 until 31 December 2018. Individuals may complete the FMRP NEC at their own pace before 31 December 2018.
4.2 All individuals under Para 2.1 must ensure that they complete the FMRP NEC before 31 December 2018, otherwise they will be required to re-take the FMRP Exam.

5. Completion Record
To fulfil the NEC requirement, individuals are expected to answer all the multiple-choice questions in the quiz. There is no prescribed passing mark.
5.2 IBF will not issue any certificates as this is an online course. As evidence of fulfilment of the FMRP NEC requirements, IBF will provide an email confirmation to the registered users after the NEC ends on 31 December 2018.
6. How to Enroll for the FMRP NEC
The individual registration option is only meant for those who are NOT employed with a financial institution but intend to rejoin the industry. 
6.2 To complete the registration process, individuals must provide their Full Name, NRIC Number, E-mail Address and any other information as required.
6.3 Upon receipt of the completed subscription form and payment, the registered users will receive a user guide as well as login details via emails from Learn@IBF/SmartUp.

Please write to IBF at if you have any queries.
7. Fees
7.1 $250 per registered user (excluding GST).
8. Course Outline
The FMRP NEC is designed to provide an update on the key changes in the Blue Book which was released on 12 April 2018. It will cover the following topics:

Chapters Chapter Title
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Ethics, Behavioural Standards and Professional   Conduct  
Chapter 3 Confidentiality and Information Sharing
Chapter 4 Governance, Risk Management and Compliance
Chapter 5 Execution and Handling of Orders
Chapter 6 Confirmation and Settlement
Chapter 7 Handling Market Disruptions
Chapter 8 Benchmark Rate Setting

 By proceeding with this subscription, you are deemed to have agreed with the Terms & Conditions listed below.

1. General
Individuals must ensure that the information provided is true, correct and complete. Any false declaration may result in the revocation of their FMRP NEC completion records.

2. Intellectual Property Rights
Reproduction, in whole or in part, of any of the content on Learn@IBF is strictly prohibited and liable to legal action.

3. Data Protection
The registered user acknowledges that IBF will have access to personal data of user of Learn@IBF.
3.2 The registered user consents to the use, processing and transfer of such personal data by IBF in relation to the provision of Learn@IBF and in accordance with all applicable data protection legislation. This may involve the transfer of users’ personal data outside of Singapore.
3.3 IBF shall:
a. Use reasonable technical and organisational measures to prevent unauthorised or unlawful access to the personal data collected for Learn@IBF or its accidental loss, destruction or damage;
b. Comply with applicable data protection laws; and
c. Notify the registered user promptly on becoming aware of any data breach or data loss in relation to Learn@IBF, and provide all reasonable assistance required by the registered user. 

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