Commodities Derivatives Trading in Singapore: What's next?

Thu, 1 Sep, 2016, 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT+8)
International Enterprise Singapore 10th Floor, Bugis Junction Office Tower, 230 Victoria Street Singapore 188024
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This will be an inaugural event, co-organized by IE Singapore, Neo and Partners global and the Association of Financial and Commodities Traders (AFACT). The target would be around 100 guests, to congregate the derivatives trading community.
The event will be aimed at buy-side firms and individuals; financial and commodities derivatives, with a focus on the proprietary trading community.
The objective of the event will be twofold: (1) Encouraging financial derivatives firms and individuals to trade commodities by expounding on potential opportunities in markets/products and (2) Also to encourage the derivatives firms and individuals who already have a presence in trading commodities to increase their presence in Singapore.
At this juncture, the topics proposed to discuss broadly are as follows below:
  1. The Global Shifts of Trade Flows in Commodities Trading:
    1. Brexit –  uncertainty creating opportunities in precious metals such as gold?
    2. Growing spot market in LNG in Asia – SLInG?
    3. Correlated contracts provide avenues for arbitrage trading
    4. Regulatory shifts in the West bringing flows into Asia?
  2. Dynamics of Commodities Trading Markets in Singapore:
    1. Commodities markets less crowded/saturated as compared to interest rate/credit/equities markets
    2. Increased sophistication of use of derivatives in the region, compared to the West?
    3. Products in Singapore: Fuel Oil, Rubber, Gas and focus on Gold
    4. Shifting of flows into Asia and Singapore is a uniquely placed to capture those flows from the West into the East
  3. Programe:
6.30 pm Registration 
7.00 pm
Welcome Remarks
IE Singapore, Neo & Partners Global 
7.15 pm
Panel Discussion:
SGX, CME Group, LME, HNK Alpha, Hendon Energy, Pan Asia Clearing Enterprise 

8.15 pm

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Commodities Derivatives Trading in Singapore: What's next?

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