City Portraits by Brendan Neiland - Open Registration

Sat, Apr 5, 2014 5:30 PM (GMT+8)
Galerie Belvedere 140 Hill Street Singapore

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Brendan Neiland is one of Britain’s foremost contemporary painters and printmakers known for his distinct style of using architecture to create works that are uniquely pictorial. His paintings motivate viewers to look at architecture and technology in a completely new dimension and to appreciate its integral part in today’s modern world. Neiland, throughout his career, has made the image of the modern city his own; the city to Neiland is what the countryside is to landscape painters. Neiland’s new body of works continues to explore and document the modern city with vibrance and vivid colour. Neiland’s works, which explore the enigma of modern metropolitan existence, are found in major galleries and museums worldwide including The Royal Academy, Tate Modern, the Arts Council of Great Britain, and The Victoria and Albert Museum.

City Portraits by Brendan Neiland - Open Registration

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