3rd China (Lianyungang) Silk Road International Logistics Expo

16 - 18 Nov, 2016
Lianyungang, China Industry Exhibition Center Lianyungang, China Industry Exhibition Center

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The term Silk Road was coined more than 2000 years ago when Zhang Qian (Han Dynasty Imperial Envoy) was dispatched to the Western Regions to form alliances with tribes along the territory, since then, the Silk Road was founded as a trade route beginning with Chinese silk to a channel where China is using to power its economy today.

In 2013, China proposed to build a strategic conception of One Belt One Road to kick off the economic connectivity and cooperation between China and the rest of Eurasia. Come November 2016, as One Belt One Road intersection hub of land and sea and with the support of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, CCPIT, Kazakhstan’s state-owned railway company, the Ministry of Railways of Turkmenistan and Ministry of Transportation of Lithuania, the 3rd China (Lianyungang) Silk Road International Logistics Expo will be held in Lianyungang. The objective of the event is to bring together international logistics service providers to showcase the latest equipment and most advanced technology in the logistics sector to a group of professional audiences which include logistics service consumers and investors from around the world.

Where is Lianyungang?

Lianyungang is a city in China’s North-eastern Jiangsu province, it is also strategically located as One Belt One Road intersection hub of land and sea.

Lianyungang Map

Who should participate?

You. The event provides an excellent opportunity for logistics companies regardless of area of focus to take advantage of one of China’s biggest economic initiatives, it also serves as a platform for businesses to connect with businesses around the world.


Who are the audiences?

Professionals, investors and buyers of logistics services. The event allows professional audiences from domestic China and around the world to look for logistics services, and learn about the latest equipment and technology for logistics services.


3rd China (Lianyungang) Silk Road International Logistics Expo

Event Venue

This event is over. For more information, please contact the organiser