Build Myanmar 2016

10 - 12 Nov, 2016
Myanmar Yangon
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Myanmar has established itself in recent years as Southeast Asia's most exciting frontier economy, boasting a population of over 60 million, GDP growth of 6.5%, vast resource-rich lands and a newly democratic government attracting more foreign investment day by day. New development of strategically-located trading ports, special economic zones and industrial parks is expected to further propel the country forward towards greater economic progress. In particular, the government's focus is on improving infrastructure of Myanmar. Major development of new roads, buildings, pipelines and electrical grids are key to taking the country to the next step in its economy journey. At the same time, a sharp rise in foreign direct investment has seen a big growth in demand for new office space as well as housing for expats. As such, there is a huge opportunity in the building and construction sector arising from these factors.
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Build Myanmar 2016

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