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Wed, Dec 1, 2021 6:00 AM (GMT+4)

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The amount displayed under "PRICE" is the full price excluding an early registraion discount of AED105.  The early registation discount is automaticlaly added if registration is made before the deadline.
The registraion and payment deadline is 30 days before the trip.  
Any registrations made after this deadline will have to pay the full price.

Terms and Conditions of booking can be veiwed here - www.ecov.co/tandc

To view all of your bookings go to www.gevme.com/wallet

For more information please visist www.ecov.co/aj/prepwebsite

Bronze Journeys are 2 day 1 night expeditions.
Silver Journeys are 3 day 2 night expeitions.
All participants are expected to be self sufficient within their groups for the duration of the journey.

For the qualifiying journey Ecoventure provides remote supervision.
Please note that each group will be judged against the International Awards 14 Conditions and that participation does not garatnee success.

Important  - all participants must carry a MINIMUM OF 3L of water each.  There will be limited options to refill bottles before reaching the campsite